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Is CFMOTO working on a V4-powered superbike?

The company recently filed patent applications for a V4-powered sportbike with 204 horsepower on tap.

Is CFMOTO working on a V4-powered superbike?

Since 2013, CFMOTO and KTM have been working together through a strategic partnership. When it came to models like the 800 MT adventure-tourer, 700 CL-X platform, and 1250 TR-G grand tourer, the Chinese marque made use of KTM-derived technology and mechanical know-how. CFMOTO recently turned its attention to the sportbike category while also supporting the adventure, touring, and retro categories.

The company unveiled its SR-C21 concept in November 2021 in addition to making its Moto3 World Championship debut making use of KTM equipment in 2022. The 450SR, the bike's production variant, was just introduced with considerable enthusiasm. However, CFMOTO has never been one to settle, and it appears that the firm will have more important matters to attend to in the upcoming years.

In relation to that, CFMOTO filed a patent application for a superbike with a 1,000cc V4 engine. The literbike's 204 horsepower rating gives it the potential to compete with today's top-performing supersports. At this point, however, It is still unclear if CFMOTO is developing this engine itself or obtaining it from someone else. 

Is CFMOTO working on a V4-powered superbike?

The CFMOTO V4 engine in question appears to have short rocker arms and a cooling system with two water hoses running through the cylinder banks.  However, the 75-degree hints to quite an exciting possibility. It turns out that the Red Bull KTM MotoGP Team had previously raced using a 75-degree V4 up to the 2017 season. KTM could impart its knowledge of Grand Prix racing to its Chinese partner now that the outdated engine was no longer in use. Could this imply that a street-legal sportbike using MotoGP-specific technology is in the works?

KTM exclusively offers the RC 390 as a street-legal model within the larger sportbike market. The Austrian company is rumored to be working on a road-legal RC 990, but it won't compare to CFMOTO's V4-powered superbike in terms of performance. Regardless of where it comes from, we are thrilled that the Chinese company is pushing the limits of performance, especially in the top-tier sportbike segment. 

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