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CFMOTO updates the 650 GT tourer in the European market

A few touring-centric amenities make this machine even more capable.

CFMOTO updates the 650 GT tourer in the European market

CFMOTO has been taking the global motorcycle industry very seriously as of late. With new and exciting motorcycles like the 1250 TR-G, 700 CL-X Sport, and 800 MT in the pipeline, suffice it to say that the Chinese company certainly has what it takes to be a formidable player  in the global motorcycle industry. On top of this, CFMOTO has further proven its intentions of taking the industry by storm by entering the US market. 

It’s certainly clear that CFMOTO is taking its efforts towards improving its Northern Hemisphere lineup very seriously. To prove this, the company recently updated its popular sport tourer, the 650 GT, in the European market. It’s certain that these updates will later on trickle down to the Asian market, with the Philippines being a certainty. So, what exactly has CFMOTO tweaked with the already capable 650 GT? Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Before we dive into the things that have changed with the sport tourer, let’s first take a look at what has remained the same. For starters, the bike continues to draw power from a 649cc parallel-twin engine. Rated for around 56 horsepower, this bike packs an intermediate punch, and is ideal for those looking for a machine that can go the distance in style, comfort, reliability. The new bike will likely feature a revised exhaust system and ECU tuning, to account for Euro 5 emissions standards. Apart from the engine, the 650 GT retains its comfy, two-up saddle, adjustable windscreen, and full-color TFT display. 

What’s new on the 2022 650 GT comes in the form of creature comforts designed to maximize the bike’s long distance touring abilities. The bike now gets color-matched side panniers, which offer a lot of cargo space—enough for both rider and passenger, should you choose to ride two-up. What’s more is that the bike gets a dual USB charging port, allowing you to charge two gadgets simultaneously when on the go. Expect the updated version of the CFMOTO 650 GT to make its global debut later this year, or early in 2022. 

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