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CFMOTO unveils upgraded 800NK Advanced in the Australian market

The 800NK Advanced’s up-spec features will surely be enticing for Pinoy big bike enthusiasts.

CFMOTO has unveiled the 800NK Advanced in the Australian market, featuring upgraded features over the standard 800NK.

CFMOTO's NK naked bike series has evolved significantly since its debut almost a decade ago. After partnering with KTM, especially the 800NK model, it has seen substantial improvements. Now, CFMOTO has taken a step further by introducing the 800NK Advanced, which offers a range of upscale features, as showcased on their official website.

In terms of technology, the 800NK Advanced raises the bar. While the standard 800NK already boasts a sizable TFT display, the Advanced version elevates it with an eight-inch TFT display featuring Apple Carplay and a touchscreen interface. It also incorporates multimedia capabilities and a convenient keyless ignition system.

CFMOTO unveils upgraded 800NK Advanced in the Australian market

On the performance front, CFMOTO has refined the 800NK Advanced to excel in cornering. It introduces a new steering damper to enhance stability during acceleration and in challenging corners. Additionally, a new up-and-down quickshifter allows for seamless gear changes without clutch usage. Riders can also choose from three riding modes - Street, Sport, and Rain, along with a practical cruise control feature for long highway journeys.

Under the hood, the engine remains the same - the robust KTM-derived LC8c, a 799cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected parallel-twin engine generating 100.8 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and 81 Newton-meters of torque at 8,000 rpm. It's engineered for top-notch performance with lightweight forged aluminum pistons and chrome ceramic-coated piston pins.

CFMOTO unveils upgraded 800NK Advanced in the Australian market

What sets the 800NK Advanced apart is its fully adjustable suspension, allowing riders to fine-tune performance based on their riding style and road conditions. The 43-millimeter inverted front forks by KYB offer compression, preload, and rebound damping adjustments, while the rear monoshock, also equipped with KYB linkage, provides the same level of adjustability. The braking system features radially mounted J.Juan calipers at the front and a single rear disc, all governed by a Bosch Anti-lock Braking System.

At present, the CFMOTO 800NK Advanced has been announced only in the Australian market for now. Its price is pegged at $12,490 AUD, translating to about P452,000. For reference, the standard 800NK retails for P458,900 here in the Philippine market. 

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