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CFMOTO pulls the covers off the track-ready 800NK GP

The sporty naked streetfighter made its debut at EICMA 2023.

CFMOTO pulls the covers off the track-ready 800NK GP

Chinese motorcycle manufacturers have firmly established their presence, signaling their lasting impact in the industry. The landscape is evolving, evident from EICMA 2023, where Chinese brands are shifting gears. They're steering away from mundane commuters and scooters towards performance-oriented models, aiming to make a resounding mark in the mainstream market.

CFMOTO stands tall among China's esteemed brands, especially in the Philippine market where a substantial lineup has garnered exceptional acclaim. Notably, the 450SR sportbike is hailed as a potential game-changer in the beginner segment, while the 800MT, leveraging KTM technology, asserts its dominance in the middleweight ADV category.


The spotlight at EICMA 2023 shone on CFMOTO's intriguing new models, several of which we've extensively covered. The upcoming 450MT seems poised to cater to enthusiasts awaiting an entry-level rally-adventure bike. Conversely, the 125NK Concept targets novice riders, promising a more performance-driven introduction. On the higher echelon, CFMOTO unveiled the 800NK GP, an enhanced version of their formidable naked bike, paying homage to their global Moto3 racing involvement.

The 800NK GP, an ode to CFMOTO's racing legacy, boasts a livery inspired by their Moto3 machines. Its appeal transcends aesthetics, incorporating premium components from revered OEMs. Equipped with twin Brembo Stylema radially mounted calipers upfront and fully adjustable suspension, it exudes performance. 


The rear end of the 800 NK GP is outfitted with top-of-the-line Ohlins suspension, renowned for its precision and ability to deliver exceptional handling and comfort. This choice reflects a deliberate focus on enhancing the bike's performance, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride even on challenging terrains.

Additionally, the bike incorporates a race-inspired SC-Project exhaust system, carefully engineered to not only amplify the bike's performance but also to evoke the thrilling sound synonymous with high-performance motorcycles. This exhaust system isn't just about noise; it's a finely tuned piece of engineering designed to optimize the engine's output and provide an exhilarating riding experience.


The ergonomic design has been fine-tuned to offer riders a sportier feel. Lower handlebars contribute to a more aggressive riding stance, empowering riders with improved control and a heightened sense of connection with the bike. The raised rearsets, meanwhile, adjust the rider's foot position, allowing for better weight distribution and facilitating more dynamic maneuvering through corners and straights.

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