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CFMOTO arrives in the US with an aggressive motorcycle lineup

Could this catapult the company into global recognition?


CFMOTO has experienced rapid growth recently. It has gone from producing UTVs and ATVs in China in the 90s to becoming a capable player in the global motorcycle industry. If you take a closer look at its strategic moves over the years, it's not hard to see what's behind the brand's meteoric rise.

Thriving as a motorcycle manufacturer requires certain partnerships. CFMOTO has helped numerous brands produce its models, but its deal with KTM is perhaps the best known. The pairing became fruitful for both companies, with KTM gaining well-engineered engines and CFMOTO getting world-class bike designs. It was KTM who introduced CFMOTO to Kiska, an Austrian firm that has designed every KTM for over 30 years.

So, it's no surprise why CFMOTO has had a leg up over many of its competitors. While it has penetrated many markets in a short span, there's still one country missing in the brand's portfolio—and that's the United States. Now, CFMOTO has most of its bases covered as it has officially launched in the US. The company looks determined to enter the competitive market with a bang as it brought a host of exciting models.

First in the lineup is the CFMOTO 700-CLX and 700 CLX-Sport. The neo-retro middleweight roadster looks to bring a fresh design and modern features to its newly-minted US lineup. The 700-CLX packs a 693-cc 2-cylinder engine that makes about 74 hp and 86 Nm of torque. 

CFMOTO also brought some of its other globally popular models into the fold. The Adventura, also known locally as the 650 MT, is positioned as a capable adventure-tourer with its 649cc 2-cylinder mill that delivers 71 hp and 62 Nm of torque. The 650 NK has also been introduced. It features the same power plant but is a naked bike with a road-oriented design.

The company has also made the 300 NK and 300 SR available in the US. These lower-displacement bikes should sate those who crave more affordable entry-level models that still get up there in power. Apart from this, the US also gets the CFMOTO Papio, which is the brand's answer to the Honda Grom. The zippy 125cc mini bike should give its competitors a run for their money with its aggressive design.

With CFMOTO's entry into the US, it seems that the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer has entered a new phase. If Americans come to embrace the brand's offerings, it could cement CFMOTO's status as one of the best bike producers in the industry. 

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