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CFMOTO 800MT Officially Launched In China

We can’t wait to get our hands on this bike.


CFMOTO is one of the most popular big bike manufacturers in the Philippine market. Known for the 400 NK, which has proven itself as a capable and reliable entry-level big bike with unbeatable value for money, CFMOTO has been hard at work in elevating its model lineup to compete with the bikes of bigger, more established manufacturers. 

Earlier this year, CFMOTO launched its most powerful and most technologically advanced motorcycle to date, the 700 CL-X. This retro-styled naked street fighter boasts all the high-tech bells and whistles you’d commonly find on bikes priced twice as much. Retailing for just P369,800, the 700 CL-X puts bikes from mainstream manufacturers to shame thanks to all of its nifty features, decent performance, and unbeatable price tag. All that being said, CFMOTO fans are in for a treat, as it would appear this up and coming motorcycle giant has outdone itself yet again.

Word of the 800MT has been going around for nearly a year now. The first real fruit of the partnership between KTM and CFMOTO, the 800MT would be CFMOTO’s most powerful and technologically advanced motorcycle—even more so than the already impressive 700 CL-X. Officially launched in the Chinese market and built as a capable adventure bike, the 800MT sports a similar engine as that of the KTM 790 Adventure. That means CFMOTO has finally ditched the boring old 180-degree crankshaft parallel twin, in favor of this KTM-derived LC8c 799cc parallel-twin engine. Pumping out an exhilarating 94 horsepower, this bike is sure to appeal to big bike riders looking to upgrade from their 400cc or 650cc machines.


While the new CFMOTO 800MT’s engine is thoroughly impressive, the company has loaded the new bike chock full of techie features, which yet again, make the bike standout in the mid-sized adventure segment. It gets a variety of rider aids which are governed by the bike’s throttle-by-wire system. On top of this, it gets a large 7-inch full-color TFT display with a built-in satellite navigation system.  The CFMOTO 800MT comes outfitted with premium KYB suspension consisting of inverted forks upfront and a preload-adjustable rear monoshock. Dual front disc brakes and a single rear setup from J.Juan make a comeback on the 800MT, as well. 

While it may take some time for the new 800MT to make its debut in the Philippine market, we’re certain that when this bike does make it to local shores, it will undoubtedly stir up the already impressive mid-sized adventure bike market. At present, CFMOTO offers the 650MT—a decently capable adventure tourer priced at just P335,000.

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