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Is BMW working to refine the K 1600 range of touring bikes?

Rumor has it that a new and improved K 1600 is in the works.

Is BMW working to refine the K 1600 range of touring bikes?

There's no denying that BMW has released some really exciting motorcycles over the past couple of years. From the affordable and exhilarating F 900 R, to the laid back behemoth of a cruiser that's the R 18, the Bavarian company has been flexing its muscles when it comes to the diversity of machines it currently has on offer. While here in the Philippines, in particular, ultra-high-capacity tourers are rather rare, this isn't to say that there isn't a market for them. BMW's flagship grand-tourer, the K 1600 range, seems to have been taken for granted in recent years.

Not seeinga refresh in nearly five years now, whether or not the K 1600 will continue to be a part of BMW roster has been a question thrown around by Bimmer aficionados in recent times. The latest news to come out of Germany, however, seems to suggest that the K 1600 will continue to live on. In fact, it would appear that BMW is working on updating the K 1600 model range for the 2022 model year. Some key updates to the bike will certainly consist of Euro 5 emissions compliance, as well as the integration of a slew of advanced electronics, similar to what we find in BMW's other premium machines.

At present, the BMW K 1600 range is powered by a massive inline-six-cylinder motor. Displacing a total of 1,649cc, this engine is mounted in a transverse position in the frame, giving it a wide stance. To account for the mass of this behemoth of an engine, BMW's engineers situated the cylinders at a 55 degree angle, lending itself to a low center of gravity designed to provide stability at low and high speeds. As expected, this six-cylinder engine purrs all the way to redline in an incredibly smooth and linear fashion, making this bike one of the most comfortable machines out there. 

While the exact specifications of the new 2022 K 1600 model range have yet to be revealed, chances are that this new bike will feature some revisions to the exhaiust and ECU tuning to garner it Euro5-compliance. What's more is that we could see the integration of BMW's premium riding aids consisting of Pro and Dynamic Pro electronic assists, similar to what we find in their flagship adventurer, the R 1250 GS Adventure

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