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Benelli to roll out Bluetooth smartphone connectivity on future models

Soon to be available in Benelli’s European lineup.

Benelli to roll out Bluetooth smartphone connectivity on future models

Motorcycles of today are loaded chock full of tech. Not only in terms of performance, but tech features and IOT (Internet Of Things) features as well. These days, even entry-level machines like the Yamaha Mio Aerox have the ability to communicate with your smartphone via a Bluetooth-enabled application. This kind of technology was unheard of just a decade ago. 

Chinese-owned Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli is the latest to roll out a tech-related update to its upcoming models. Specific to the company’s European lineup of bikes with 500cc and up of displacement, future machines will come equipped with a proprietary black box, which will have the ability to connect to your mobile phone via Benelli’s new “MyBenelli” app. Similar to what Yamaha currently offers in its Aerox and NMAX models with the Y-Connect app, the MyBenelli app will enable you to access your motorcycle’s vital information ranging from overall engine health, driving statistics, and maintenance notifications. 

Benelli TRK 502X

On top of this, the MyBenelli mobile app will serve as your direct gateway to the Benelli world, with updates from the Pesaro company concerning new product launches, software updates, and news from Benelli. A social media aspect has also been integrated into the MyBenelli interface. Through the app, you’ll be able to share your rides across multiple social media platforms, as well as connect with the global community of Benelli riders. 

This tech feature will begin rolling out on Benelli’s future 500cc and up machines particular to the European market. That means bikes like the Leoncino 500, TRK 500, and 502C will soon come equipped with this feature. Hopefully, should this update be well received in the European market, we could soon see Bluetooth smartphone connectivity in Benelli’s Philippine-specific lineup. 

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