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Benelli is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year

Yes, the Lion of Pesaro is more than a century old.

Benelli is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year

Benelli has become a rather popular choice here in the local market, particularly for beginner big bike enthusiasts. Thanks to its affordable, beginner-friendly offerings, as well as competitive pricing, the Chinese-owned Italian company is enjoying steady growth in the local market. Apart from its relative success on Philippine soil, Benelli has also been taking steps towards its expansion in other markets. In fact, it just recently entered the US market, and is also currently working on revamping quite a number of its existing models.

2021 marks the 110th anniversary of Benelli. Although it may seem like a rather fledgling brand, Benelli holds legend status in Italy, as well as other parts of Europe, with more than a century of rich and illustrious history. To commemorate this tremendous milestone, Benelli will be holding a slew of celebratory events in its home country of Italy, particularly, in Pesaro, the city in which it was founded. To tie all the celebrations together, Benelli has launched a new commemorative logo. Created by the company’s design studio, Benelli Style Center, in Pesaro, the new logo represents the brand’s rich heritage and rapid innovation towards the future.

Benelli Leoncino 800

The Lion of Pesaro, an icon which has become synonymous with the Benelli name, figures prominently in the logo, and symbolizes the brand as a whole looking towards the future. As we are all aware, Benelli has been hard at work with its parent company, QJ Motor, in developing new and exciting products for the global market, as well as revamping its existing range of bikes to eke out even better performance and more modern styling. The new commemorative logo will be central to Benelli’s celebratory initiatives which will kick off in the Officine Benelli Museum in Italy, where more than 200 rare and iconic Benelli and MotoBi machines will be displayed via a historical exhibit.

Later in the year, Benelli will be holding its annual event, “Benelli Week.” The week-long celebration will serve as the culmination of the company’s 110th anniversary celebrations, and is expected to attract thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world to come together and celebrate their love and passion for motorcycles. It will be organized by the Benelli Historical Register, the Tonino Benelli Moto Club, and of course, Benelli themselves.

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