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Cardo introduces voice recording feature in new update

Cardo PackTalk Edge, Neo, and Custom users will have access to the new feature by simply updating their unit’s software.

Cardo introduces voice recording feature in new update

Cardo Systems has held a prominent position in the motorcycle intercom market for quite some time. Their user-friendly PackTalk system, powered by the innovative Dynamic Mesh Communication technology (DMC), has established itself as a dependable and sturdy communicator. The latest update from Cardo fulfills a long-awaited demand among riders by introducing voice recording functionality.

The recent addition of voice recording to Cardo's range of communicators caters to various users, including professional video producers, vloggers, and hobbyists. This convenient feature allows users to record their own voice and that of their group effortlessly through the Cardo mobile app with a simple button press. The voice recording capability is available on all second-generation communicators, namely the PackTalk Edge, PackTalk Neo, and PackTalk Custom with Platinum Package. To enjoy this feature, users just need to update their device with the latest 7.0 software update.

“Providing solutions to enhance the riding experience is our number one goal at Cardo,” said Dan Emodi, Chief Marketing Officer at Cardo Systems in the company’s official press release. “With this update, we are at the forefront of advanced technology, offering a simple and seamless platform to record and store audio directly on the rider’s cell phone. All with just the push of a button,” he added.

The latest voice recording update brings the capability for second-generation PackTalk users to record DMC conversations using the mobile app, including those involving first-generation PackTalk units like Bold and Black. However, the actual recording feature is not accessible for users of these first-generation devices. Additionally, the update extends recording support to bridged devices, which includes non-Cardo units connected via Bluetooth. All audio recordings are conveniently saved on the host user's phone, ensuring easy access for editing purposes.

Indeed, Cardo's voice recording feature is designed for simplicity. To utilize it, users need to download the Cardo Connect App, where they can find the voice recording button on the Home Screen. By tapping the button, a mic icon will be displayed, enabling users to start recording with a single press. For added convenience during the ride, users can pause and resume recording, ensuring that their entire journey is saved as a single file.

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