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Another teaser video for the Honda Forza has been released

Its engine size has now been confirmed.

Honda Forza 750

Just a few days ago, we already gave you the first teaser video that Honda released for its latest addition to the Forza range expected to launch in October. The teaser video flashed a text that read, “The Forza family is getting bigger”, leaving us to speculate that they’re either releasing a new maxiscooter with a bigger engine or that they’re adding more small capacity scooters to the range. Yet, the engine casing revealed in the video leads us to be more inclined to a larger capacity powerplant, perhaps similar to that of the X-ADV. 

Now, Honda has released yet another teaser video for the upcoming maxiscooter finally revealing its engine size and dropping a few more details about the new  Forza. In the first second of the video, you’ll already know that Honda is going bigger.

Honda Forza

It turns out that the new Honda Forza indeed will be taking on a 750 cc powerplant, much like the popular X-ADV. However, unlike the X-ADV, the Forza will be offered as a more road-biased alternative. Teaser images of the new scooter reveal a similar design silhouette to the current Forza 350, but because of its size, it gives a commanding road presence with a more refined fit and finish. The new Forza will also be equipped with full LED lighting, a push start button, a color TFT instrument panel, and selectable riding modes.

More specific details about its new engine have yet to be revealed by Honda. It’s worth noting that the X-ADV’s current powerplant is also due to be updated to meet Euro5 compliance standards. We could safely assume that the upcoming Forza would be a great opportunity for a Japanese motorcycle brand to introduce an updated and more environmentally friendly engine. In any case, we still have a few weeks until the new Honda Forza’s official launch date on October 14, 2020. We can still expect a couple of more teaser videos before the new scooter is finally revealed to us in all its glory. 

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