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These were the most inquired motorcycle brands in 2022

Based on inquiries on our site, these manufacturers took the cake in 2022.

These Were Our Most Inquired Motorcycle Brands In 2022

2023 is finally here, and it’s always nice to look back at the year that was. In a previous article, we talked about the most popular motorcycle models, based on inquiries on our website. We determined that scooters were the most popular configuration, as they have been for several years now, thanks to their practicality, versatility, and affordability. 

Furthermore, we determined that there’s a growing interest in entry-level big bikes, with the likes of the CFMOTO 450SR scoring high on our inquiry list. Having said that, let’s shift our focus to a manufacturer perspective, and determine which brands were the most popular based on inquiries on our website. The list may surprise you, so be sure to read on. 

Honorable mentions

Bristol Bobber 650

Before we dive into our top 5 most popular brands, it’s worth mentioning those that made it to our top ten. We already know that there are a number of new and exciting offerings from various Chinese manufacturers, and indeed, the numbers prove that there’s a growing demand for these affordable and value-packed products. At tenth place, we have Bristol, which garnered 747 total inquiries. BMW followed shortly thereafter at 934 inquiries. Interestingly, Kymco, a Taiwanese manufacturer known for its maxi-scooters and commuter machines raked in 1,048 inquiries, putting it in eight place overall.

In seventh place is an interesting contender in the form of Motorstar. The Chinese manufacturer, whose most popular model among enthusiasts continues to be the Cafe 400, returned 1,269 inquiries on our website—pretty impressive. Rounding up our honorable mentions is Japanese manufacturer Suzuki at sixth place, with 1,594 inquiries via our website.  

5th place: Vespa

Vespa Primavera (RED)

The iconic Italian scooter brand is one that needs no introduction, and given the surge in popularity of the hipster two-wheeled lifestyle, there’s no surprise that Vespa continues to be a bestseller in the two-wheeled community. In fact, the brand is so successful that it has been struggling to keep up with demand, with long waiting lists for its most desirable models. Through our website alone, the Italian brand garnered 1,965 inquiries, with its most popular model being the S 125—an excellent beginner-friendly scooter.

4th place: Kawasaki

Kawasaki Z H2

When it comes to value for money, it’s hard to beat Kawasaki. The Japanese manufacturer always manages to strike the perfect balance between price, performance, and style. As such, it’s no surprise that both beginners and veterans gravitate to the brand when shopping for a new big bike. This is evidenced by the 2,664 inquiries we received for Team Green in 2022 via our website alone. Indeed, the brand has a number of impressive, value-packed models such as the Z400 and Ninja 400. Its bigger 650 bikes pose incredible value for money, as well, with the platform proving to be dependable and powerful. 

3rd place: CFMOTO


In third place is a brand that has been working hard to build a strong market in the Philippines. Ever since it debuted the 400 NK in 2017, the Chinese manufacturer CFMOTO captured the hearts of the Pinoy big bike enthusiast. Delivering big bike proportions combined with entry-level performance—and more importantly, price—CFMOTO opened the doors of the big bike community to a wider range of riders. Since then, the brand has expanded, offering more premium, performance-oriented models. Now, bikes like the 800MT and 700 CL-X bring their A-game to more established Japanese and European models. No wonder CFMOTO raked in 2,739 inquiries from our site in 2022. 

2nd place: Honda

Honda CB500F

The top two places in our most-inquired list will surely come as no surprise to anyone, as these two brands have been market leaders pretty much since the dawn of time. Honda’s extensive selection of motorcycles ranging from the ultra budget friendly all the way to the cutting-edge and performance-oriented indeed make it one of the biggest manufacturers in terms of model selection alone. As such, it’s easy to understand how a brand like Honda could garner north of 10,000 inquiries on our site. In fact, in 2022, the most popular model from the Japanese manufacturer was the freshly released ADV 160. 

1st place: Yamaha

Yamaha NMAX

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Yamaha takes the cake as the most-inquired motorcycle brand on our website for 2022. With nearly 11,000 inquiries made, it’s clear to see that the bulletproof reliability, industry-leading performance, and undeniable value-for-money Yamaha brings to the table, simply cannot be ignored. Across all segments of the motorcycle industry, Yamaha has made it to the top of the list. In the scooter segment, models like the NMAX, Aerox, and Mio are among the most popular in the market. Meanwhile, machines like the MT-07, YZF-R1, and XSR900 are extremely popular in the big bike segment. 

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