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Should you upgrade your motorcycle’s saddle?

Read this if you’re thinking of upgrading your motorcycle’s saddle.

Custom Motorcycle Saddle

Just like cars, a lot of ergonomics goes into the design of a motorcycle. For all intents and purposes, motorcycles are meant to be as comfortable as possible for their intended use. For instance, sportbikes are designed to provide the rider with the most leverage when it comes to high speed riding and maneuvering. Adventure bikes, meanwhile, offer a comfortable seating position for long hours on the saddle. Enduro bikes put the rider close to the front of the bike and offer incredible leverage over the bars.

All that being said, not everyone is going to find a specific motorcycle comfortable for their personal preference. This is where the aftermarket comes into play. There are tons of upgrades designed solely to enhance a bike’s ergonomics. From wide handlebars, adjustable rear sets, and bar risers, all these things alter the bike’s ergonomics to better suit individual preferences. Another popular upgrade consists of replacing or enhancing the saddle. Let’s take a closer look as to why you would consider replacing or modifying your saddle. 

Why would you need to upgrade your saddle?

Motorcycle Saddle

There are a multitude of reasons as to why you would like to upgrade your saddle, and numerous ways to go about it. For starters, you may have found that your bike’s stock seat is rather uncomfortable, and that you’d like to upgrade the cushioning of the saddle. Maybe you find the seat height to be too tall, so you had the seat shaved to reduce an inch or two of height. Lastly, maybe you upgraded your saddle simply because you wanted to change the way it looks.

Now, when it comes to actually upgrading your saddle, there are two ways to go about it. The first one would be to modify your stock saddle. This usually means taking it apart, cutting the stock foam, and replacing it with a better cushion such as premium gel padding. After this, the stock upholstery would then be refitted, or custom covers would be designed and produced for the new saddle. The other way is more straightforward, and entails simply replacing the entire saddle assembly with a branded aftermarket unit that’s designed specifically for your bike. 


When modifying your bike, there are always pros and cons. Of course, when it comes to upgrading your saddle, you get the exact specifications you want—be it in terms of height, comfort, and style. Additionally, having a more comfortable saddle pays dividends especially if you’re one who rides long distances very frequently, or commutes to work on your bike on a daily basis. Fatigue is usually one of your biggest enemies, and having a nice, cushy saddle certainly goes a long way in keeping you comfy for hours on end. 


Motorcycle Saddle

When it comes to cons, they only really rear their ugly heads when it comes to resale value. As the saying goes, a stock bike, or one with genuine, choice upgrades, always holds more value. As such, if you’ve modified your stock saddle and cut into its original upholstery and foam, expect to pay the price when it comes time to sell your bike. Conversely, if you’ve upgraded it with a genuine, branded saddle assembly, chances are your bike will retain its value, or even sell for more, provided that you still have the original saddle and include it in the sale. 

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