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Reasons why a Vespa isn’t just another scooter

It’s not “just a scooter” it’s a lifestyle choice.

Why a Vespa isn't just another scooter

Vespa is a storied brand that’s responsible for a lot of stylish scooters throughout the years, and all over the world. Many people have gotten into the “cult” of Vespa, but for what reason? They’re just scooters? 

“Just scooters?” Really? We beg to differ. 

Just look at it


There is no shortage of style on a Vespa. Whether you’re looking at it in the showroom or the parking lot, a Vespa is definitely something to look at. Even in the presence of more powerful bikes, and even if you have the entry-level 125 S in the lineup, you’re still going to get a few looks from several bikers on the road or in the cafe that you frequent. 

Dress to impress

Vespa Scooter Dress up

On top of that, literally, there is the rider, who is dressed to the nines and stylishly puttering along with the phrase playing back over and over: “Takbong pogi lang.” Quite frankly, this statement doesn’t translate well into English, but we’ll do it anyway: riding handsome. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Vespa rider that doesn’t at least have some killer gear and an even more astute sense of fashion. After all, they do have the ultimate accessory. 

A huge aftermarket of parts

Vespa Sean Wotherspoon

You know that people have taken their scooters and slapped on a bunch of bespoke accessories to further set themselves apart. From exhausts to some of the most unique crash guards, luggage racks, and even engine modifications, the possibilities are endless if you can afford the extra bits for your bike. 

Many aftermarket brands have dedicated entire catalogs to the Vespa brand. The popularity of the scooter is known worldwide, and there is no shortage of options for you to choose from if you decide that you want something extremely special. 

Work or play

Vespa 300 GTS Supersport

Have you ever seen a Vespa ripping down the road? Did you know that there are also Vespa cups where they actually race scooters? They exist and it’s amazing to see. We’re also familiar with riders who like to ride fast on a Vespa, and who can blame them? It’s not hard to get aboard one, plus it sure is fun to wring out that engine. 

Though, if you’re not in a rush or looking for a rush, you can cruise down the road ever so stylishly and comfortably to your next stop. The bike will do that to you. It’ll have enough grunt to get you up to reasonably fast speeds, but it can tone down into one of the easiest bikes to ride. Automatic? Check. Comfortable? Yes sir. Still capable? Definitely. 


Vespa Scooter

You will still be able to see some more vintage Vespas on the road. Put next to a new one, and you will see that the Italian brand has kept things consistent going from generation to generation. Vespa kept true to its original design and has simply improved upon it as time went on. 

That being said, aficionados will be quick to tell you the differences between each generation, but the overall formula has remained the same throughout the years, and why change something drastically if it’s already a winner? 

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