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How to replace your motorcycle’s grips

New grips can really change the look and feel of your bike.

How to replace your motorcycle’s grips

If you own an older motorcycle, or simply want to make your bike more comfortable, then chances are you’re going to need to change your grips. These simple yet sometimes overlooked components are in fact very important, as they serve as one of your main touch points to your motorcycle. You may not know it just yet, but replacing your motorcycle’s grips can definitely elevate your riding experience. Here’s everything you need to know to replace your motorbike’s grips. 

What you'll need

How to replace your motorcycle’s grips

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need handy. This task is relatively straightforward, and you won’t need any tools unless you have to remove accessories such as bar-end mirrors, weights, or hand guards. That said, have a set of Allen keys ready, WD-40 or any equivalent lubricant, a flat-head screwdriver, some soapy water, and possibly a cutter handy. It also helps to have a compressor with a narrow nozzle, as compressed air makes it easier to slide your old grips off and get your new grips on. 

Getting the old grips off

How to replace your motorcycle’s grips

This is usually the hardest and most challenging part. You can certainly go ahead and cut the old grips off with a sharp blade. This isn’t usually a problem, especially on the left side. However, you could risk damaging your throttle tube if you’re not careful about how deep you cut. This is why we recommend using a less intrusive approach. 

You can start by wedging your flat-head screwdriver in between the handlebar and grip, and spraying some WD-40 into the gap. Give it some time to soak, and the grip should slide out very easily. Otherwise, compressed air can also do the trick. Blow some compressed air in between the grips and bar, and pull simultaneously. The grips should gradually slide off the bar and throttle tube. We only recommend cutting the grips off if all these methods have already failed. 

Slide the new grips on

How to replace your motorcycle’s grips

Once you’ve removed both grips, pay close attention to your new set of grips. You’ll notice that one of them has a bigger inner diameter than the other, this is for your throttle tube. You’re going to want to lather the part of the handlebar where your grips sit with some soapy water. Do the same for the inside of your new grips. Make sure to clean out any lubricant or oil, so your new grips sit and adhere to the handlebar and throttle tube. With your grips and handlebar now soapy, slide the grips in and adjust it while the assembly is still malleable. Once you’ve got your new grips on, leave your bike outside under the sun for a while to let the soap and water dry up. In a couple of hours, you should be good to go, and your bike will have a set of brand new grips installed perfectly. 

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