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How to get a motorcycle license in the Philippines

Want to get on two wheels? Get a bike, but don’t forget the license.

How to get a motorcycle license in the Philippines

Getting a license in the Philippines for either cars or motorcycles is largely the same deal. You need to take a course, apply for a student permit, log your hours, and then head over to the LTO and claim your license. 

Let’s take things one step at a time. Here’s a quick and handy guide for you to click back to in case you want to get started on a motorcycle in the Philippines. In addition to getting a motorcycle, let’s help you out in getting a license to ride. 

Practical driving course (PDC)

Before you get anything done, you need to enroll in a motorcycle riding school that is accredited by the LTO. Get your certificate so you can proceed to the next step. 

Typically, you can expect to pay about P5,000 for a driving course in the Philippines. This will depend on your school of choice, however, so do your research. Typically, a basic riding course will cost this much. 

Go to the LTO

Be sure to search first which LTO branch is nearest or most convenient for you to go to. 

At the LTO, there should be some staff and a help desk in case you get lost, but the general flow is that you need to request the documents or find them on your own. Remember, there are different forms required for renewal or application. Fill them out first, have them checked, then submit them to the appropriate window. 

You will then be asked to sit and wait until your name is called out. This process will repeat until you eventually pay and then have your permit/license released. 

Student permit

Once you have the certificate from the riding school, you can then head on over to the LTO to secure a student permit. Here are the prerequisites that you need before you’re able to apply: 


  • Must be 16-years old or above to avail of a student permit

  • Must be physically and mentally fit to drive a motor vehicle

  • Must also be literate in both English and in Filipino

  • Must have completed the mandatory 15-hour Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) seminar at an LTO-accredited driving school that serves as a Practical Driving Course (PDC)

You also need to bring and fill out a few documents: 


  • A completed student permit application form

  • A TDC Certificate or PDC Certificate. 

  • A birth certificate

  • A Tax Identification Number (TIN)

As for the fees associated with licensure: 

Application fee:                          P100

Computer fee:                           P67.63

Student Permit fee:                   P150

Birth certificate:                        P330 (fee may vary)

Medical Certificate:                   P450 (fee may vary)

Driving course/driving school:  P4,500 (fee may vary) 

Estimated total:                        P5,447.63

Non-professional license application

Prior to applying for an actual driver’s license, you must first hold your student permit for at least thirty (30) days. Once this period is done, you’re free to go to the LTO and take your licensure exams. Like before, here are the prerequisites and documents that you need to move on to the next step. 


  • Aged 18 years or older to apply 

  • Physically and mentally fit 

  • Literate in both English and Filipino 

  • Must hold a valid student permit for at least 30 days prior to the license application 

  • Passed theoretical written Basic Driving theory test

  • Passed practical driving exam 


  • Driver’s license application form

  • Medical certificate from an accredited LTO clinic 

  • Valid student’s permit 

  • Certificate of completion for the 15-hour seminar 

Application Fees

Non-Professional Driver’s License

Application fee:                        P100

Computer fee:                          P67.63

License fee:                             P585

Additional computer fee:        P67.63

Medical certificate:                 P450 (fee may vary)

Estimated total:                      P1,270.26

Change in restriction

If you already have a driver’s license for a car, you don’t need to go through the entire process, and instead, you can add a restriction to your license instead. 

For this, you need to go through most of the process when it comes to applying, so that means that you have to take the LTO’s tests and hand in the application documents. 


  • Driver’s license application form

  • Valid driver’s license

  • Medical certificate from an accredited LTO clinic 

Application Fees

Application fee:                        P100

Computer fee:                          P67.63

Replacement fee:                    P225

Additional restriction fee:        P100 per additional code 

Medical certificate:                 P450 (fee may vary)

Estimated total:                      P1,270.26

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