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Here’s why we’re excited for the new Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

Apart from being the most premium Royal Enfield to date, the Super Meteor adds some much-needed spice to the middleweight cruiser segment.

Here’s why we’re excited for the new Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

It goes without saying that Royal Enfield is one of the fastest growing motorcycle manufacturers of the decade. Ever since it released its 650 Twin model range consisting of the Continental GT and Interceptor 650 in the global market back in 2018, the brand has developed quite a strong following both among beginners and intermediate riders alike. 

As such, with nearly half-a-decade in existence, it goes without saying that it’s high time that Royal Enfield expanded its premium model lineup. Indeed, at EICMA 2022, that’s exactly what it did when it pulled the covers off the Super Meteor. Indeed, the Super Meteor has been a highly anticipated model, both in RE’s home country of India, as well as all across the globe. Needless to say, when the bike was unveiled, it caused quite a stir, especially among cruiser enthusiasts and neo-retro aficionados. 

It’s the most premium model in Royal Enfield’s catalog to date

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

Now, as of this writing, Royal Enfield Philippines has yet to launch the Super Meteor, let alone pin a price tag for the premium cruiser. Our friends from RE have been pretty tight-lipped as well, although I’m more than certain that this cruiser will make its way to the Philippines this year. Nevertheless, judging from the bike’s spec-sheet alone, we can easily surmise that it’s the most premium model in Royal Enfield’s stable to date. 

A close look at this cruiser is proof enough. For starters, up front, the Super Meteor gets inverted front forks—a feature never before seen in any Royal Enfield machine. Additionally the bike rolls on front and rear alloy wheels shod in tubeless tires—hinting that underneath the charming retro styling lies a performance-oriented platform, at least by Royal Enfield standards. 

It broadens the middleweight cruiser segment

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

If you’re in the market for a middleweight cruiser, you have quite a thin selection of bikes to choose from. Apart from the established models like the Honda Rebel 500 and Kawasaki Vulcan S, upcoming brands like Benelli have the 502C cruiser, and Bristol also offers the Bobber 650. Indeed, with the introduction of the Super Meteor, the cruiser segment will receive an injection of fresh styling, albeit with familiar performance.

The fact that the Super Meteor is being offered in two variants, each of which equipped with key features and unique colorways further adds to this variety. For reference, the Super Meteor will come in two variants—Standard and Tourer—and will be available in a total of seven colors. Five colorways—Astral Black, Astral Green, Astral Blue, Interstellar Green, and Interstellar Gray—will be available for the Standard version. The better-equipped Tourer will be available in Celestial Red and Celestial Blue.

Friendly, yet confidence-inspiring performance

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

When it comes to big bikes, I’m generally of the belief that anything under 60 horsepower can be considered beginner friendly, at least when it comes to performance. Indeed, most motorcycles with power outputs in this ballpark are favored by both beginners and veteran riders alike simply because of their versatility—they’re equally comfortable trundling along the city as they are being pushed on a twisty road. Their highway performance is no slouch, either. 

Indeed, this is the case for the Royal Enfield Super Meteor. After all, it’s powered by the same engine we’ve come to know and love in the Continental GT and Interceptor 650—a 648cc, air and oil-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel-twin with a 270-degree crankshaft. It’s this uneven firing order in particular that gives the engine such a rugged character accentuated by a burly exhaust note and confidence inspiring torque down low in the rev range. For reference, the engine churns out 46 horsepower and 52 Nm of torque.

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