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Here’s why the new Ducati Monster is a game changer in the naked bike segment

The best Monster to date.

Here’s why the new Ducati Monster is a game changer in the naked bike segment

When it comes to naked bikes it can be argued that the Ducati Monster is the bike that started it all. Often imitated but never replicated, Ducati Monster has cemented its spot in the motorcycle Hall of Fame, and will go down in history as one of the most popular motorcycles the world has ever seen. 

Very few other motorcycles of the modern era are as instantly recognizable as the Ducati monster. Coming in all shapes and sizes, this motorcycle is largely responsible for the modern day recipe of a naked motorcycle. Ducati’s formula for creating this motorcycle was simply removing the fairings of its performance oriented sport bikes. While today’s Ducati monster is far from just a sport bike without its fairings, the rowdy, sporty, performance oriented nature found in Ducati's sportbike lineup is very evident in this bike.

In many ways, it can be said that the current generation Ducati Monster is by far the most performance-oriented Monster to ever roll out of the House of Borgo Panigale. You can bet that if and when Ducati decides to launch the new Monster in the Philippine market, the bike will roll off showroom floors in droves. Indeed, the new Monster is a game changer in the naked motorcycle scene. Here are a few reasons why we think this is so.

It's lighter than ever

2021 Ducati Monster

Ducati Monster aficionados will notice one glaring fact about the current generation Monster. That is, Ducati has done away with its iconic trellis frame found in every single other Monster to have ever been produced. In its stead, Ducati has opted for a more traditional backbone chassis which makes use of the engine as a stressed member. This presents itself with two main benefits. The first being increased torsional rigidity which directly results in a sharper handling feel.

The second main benefit is, of course, a lighter overall weight. Thanks to Ducati‘s new engineering revisions to the monster, the bike now weighs just 188 kg with a full tank of gas and ready to ride. This makes the current generation Ducati Monster one of the lightest Monsters to have ever rolled out of Ducati’s factory.

It's techier than ever

2021 Ducati Monster

During its earlier years, the Ducati Monster was loved for its simplicity and bare bones, no frills fun. These days, however, the advent of technology has seen even entry-level motorcycles boast premium tech features. The same goes for the new Ducati Monster. It comes equipped with a slew of electronic rider aids, selectable riding modes, and a whole bunch of features designed to elevate the overall riding experience.

The new 2021 Ducati monster features a full-color TFT display, a feature found in many motorcycles of this year. Through this display, the writer can toggle multiple settings found on the motorcycle including but not limited to the riding modes, as well as other selectable features the bike is equipped with.

It's more balanced than ever

2021 Ducati Monster

The Ducati Monster is equipped with a 937cc 90-degree V-twin—or L-twin in true Ducatista nomenclature. Boasting a full suite of modern tech, this liquid-cooled, fuel-injected motor churns out an impressive 111 horsepower in sport mode. Toggling the bike to Urban mode lowers the output to a friendly 75 horsepower—making it similar to middleweight naked bikes in the market. 

Ducati has outfitted the engine with a bunch of techie features such as traction control, wheelie control, and even launch control for exciting launches at stoplights. What’s even more impressive is the fact that Ducati has somehow managed to make the engine even lighter despite increasing its displacement when compared to the outgoing Monster 821

It's more versatile than ever

2021 Ducati Monster

All the features and enhancements Ducati has bestowed on the new monster make the bike an extremely versatile all-rounder that’s sure to challenge some of the premium offerings of the Japanese big four. Given its selectable ride modes, it can be tailored to suit a variety of rider’s capabilities.  On top of this, the bike’s lightweight construction makes it manageable as a daily commuter. 

To top it all off, Ducati has been hard at work in extending the reliability and service life of its engines. The Monster’s 937cc Desmodromic engine now has a service interval of 15,000 kilometers between oil changes, and an impressive 30,000 kilometers between valve adjustments. 

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