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Here are some gift ideas for your motorcycle-riding friends and family

Thinking of the best gift for your riding buddies? Read on for some top-tier picks!

Top 5 best gifts to surprise your motorcyclist friends and family this Christmas

Here we go again, we’re well within the ‘Ber months, and it’s definitely beginning to feel and look a lot like Christmas. If you happen to be a motorcyclist looking to make your riding buddies’ holiday season a lot more special, or perhaps your close family and friends are into motorcycling, why not surprise them with a gift they’ll never forget. In reality, we motorcyclists are an easy bunch to please. Contrary to popular belief, just because we’re obsessed with this extremely expensive hobby, doesn’t mean that our standards for joy are beyond the roof. Having said that, here are a few excellent gift ideas that will certainly make your motorcyclist friends and family have a Christmas they’ll never forget.

New riding gear

Riding Gear

The first item on our list is something a motorcyclist can never have too much of, and that’s riding gear. Just like clothes, riding gear is equally protective as it is a fashion statement, and believe it or not, we motorcyclists are a vain bunch. As such, we’re always on the lookout for new, fashionable riding gear that’ll make us stand out in a crowd. This time of year, many motorcycle gear and equipment manufacturers have released their fall and winter collections, as well as some early releases for the spring and summer months. Perhaps you can get your friends and family a new jacket, or maybe even a new pair of gloves. Of course, who doesn't love a shiny new helmet?

That said, with online shopping more prevalent than ever, now may be the best time to get an awesome deal on that shiny new helmet, or fancy new riding jacket for that special someone this Christmas. Take caution, though, as fit is key. Make sure you know the exact helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, or shoe size of the person you’re buying for, as even the fanciest riding gear is little more than an expensive paperweight gathering dust if it doesn’t fit right. 

Motorcycle parts and accessories

Parts and Accessories

Motorcycle parts and accessories are easy to come by these days. Simply type your specific make and model in any of the numerous e-commerce platforms, and you’re bound to be met with countless scrolls’ worth of products. Accessories range from affordable bits and bobs such as universal paddock spools and mobile phone mounts, to expensive exhaust systems that can set you back upwards of P100,000. Of course, we’re assuming that the person you’d be buying a shiny new LeoVince exhaust for is someone really, really special.

Just like riding gear, be sure to take into account the specific make and model of your friend or family member’s motorcycle. It’s also important to make sure that you get the year model dialed in, too, as a bike from 2016 may be completely different from a bike from 2017, even if it’s the same make and model. 

Scale models

Scale Models

Scale models are an extremely easy gift option that’s sure to put a smile on the face of any motorcycle rider. Of course, it helps if the scale model you purchase is that of their actual motorcycle. However, not all motorcycles have scale model replicas available for sale. That being said, a quick trip to our Motorcycle Guide can easily give you a bird’s eye view of the most popular motorcycle models in the market. 

Scale models come in all shapes and sizes, with the most common, and oftentimes most affordable, being 1:18 scale models. Some of these collectibles can be purchased for around P500 to P700, depending on where you look. Meanwhile, bigger scale models such as 1:12, or even 1:6 scale collectibles can be way more expensive, but present themselves with an impressive amount of detail. 

Cleaning and maintenance products

Cleaning Products

Another easy gift item that you can’t go wrong with is cleaning and maintenance products. This time of year, specifically, several automotive specialist stores are coming out with packaged gift items consisting of everything you’d need to thoroughly clean and detail a car or motorcycle. That said, giving your biker friends and family some cleaning and maintenance products such as wash and wax, chain lubricant, or vinyl and fabric restorers will definitely be a much-appreciated gesture. 

A new bike?

Harley-Davidson Sportster

Last but not least is something that your special someone will be grateful to you for for eternity, and that’s a shiny new two-wheeler. Yes, you’d have to love that person very, very much to fork up the cash to purchase a brand new machine. But hey, maybe your spouse/ child/ sibling/ best friend really deserves it. There really is nothing that’ll put as big a smile on a motorcyclist’s face than a shiny new motorcycle sitting beside the tree come Christmas day. 

That being said, there are hundreds, if not, thousands of brand new motorcycles of all shapes and sizes, and from all manufacturers across the globe on our website. We also have dozens of comprehensive reviews, first ride impressions, and head-to-head comparos of the industry’s most popular two-wheelers. As such, be sure to check all these out before pulling the trigger on a shiny new bike, be it for yourself, or for a loved one. 

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