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How to keep your motorcycle secure from theft

Here are some hacks to prevent some hack from stealing your motorcycle.

How to keep your motorcycle secure from theft

Motorcycle-related thefts are quite common. Considering that you can wheel a bike away even when it’s not running means that it’s not the easiest thing to keep secure. However, there are still some ways that you can keep your precious ride safe from the clutches of delinquents and other unwanted characters. 

So here are some things you can do to prevent thieves from targetting your motorcycle. Note that these solutions will deter theft, and not necessarily prevent it. Riders who venture out into the unknown should consider installing a few of these devices. Adventure riders might find themselves in less than secure territory, so some extra peace of mind is never a bad thing. City commuters on scooters or other similar bikes should definitely practice these additional safety habits because it’s plenty easy to lose a stolen motorcycle in the hustle and bustle of the metro. 

Use a lock

Motorcycle Brake Lock

The market has a wide variety of motorcycle or bike-specific locks that you can choose from with varying levels of security. The most secure type of lock you can get for your motorcycle is a chain and lock, and it’s what we would recommend if you want maximum security. The only problem with a chain is that it is rather heavy and takes up a lot of space. It’s portable, but only ideal if you have a place to store it on the bike or otherwise. It’ll also weigh you down while you ride, even if it is secured on the motorcycle. 

There are also other locks like a disc brake lock, u-shackle locks, and brake lever locks that you can use to keep your motorcycle from being wheeled around freely. These options are normally lighter, and they won’t encumber you as much, but they’re less secure especially when faced with power tools. 

We do not recommend that you go with a combination lock for your motorcycle as they can be cracked given enough time and the right technique. 

Engage steering lock

Motorcycle Steering Lock

Most motorcycles come with a steering lock that will pin the bars all the way to one side. This security feature is a common fixture on most motorcycles, and you should take advantage of it when you can. 

Simply turn the bars all the way to the left or right, then push and turn the key to the left. Practice this especially if you’re at a parking lot or a building, and always engage the steering lock if you find yourself parking on the street. 

Park in a secure location

Bike Cover

Speaking of parking, make sure that you choose where to park. Perhaps try parking close to the entrance or within the line of sight of security guards. That way you can be sure that someone is watching your bike while you’re running errands or having a meal. 

The goal is to make sure that your bike is within your line of sight or the line of sight of any security personnel that could monitor it. It also helps to ascertain where the CCTVs in the area are pointed and located so there is an extra layer of protection. 

Secured Garage

The same goes for when you're at your home. Make sure that your house is always locked and your garage door is always closed. To help you with security, make sure to cover your bike in addition to the other things mentioned in this list. 

Install an alarm system

Motorcycle Alarm System

Some bikes come with stock alarm systems, but for the majority of motorcycles, you can buy an aftermarket kit that will produce a piercing sound if tripped by a thief. 

Often, these alarm systems will come with a remote and sensors. While it may deter a potential thief, make sure to supplement this with other items as well. 

Place a tracking device

GPS Tracking Device

If you can afford it, perhaps it is a good idea to place a tracking device like an Apple AirTag in your motorcycle. There are other third-party trackers that can also be small enough to fit under your bike’s seat. Make sure to wrap these items in plastic for additional weatherproofing, then make sure to monitor the device’s charge every so often. If your bike is wheeled away, you will be able to notify the authorities and ascertain the location of your motorcycle. 

On top of that, having a tracker will help you find your bike if ever you happen to forget where you’ve parked it. If there are multiple lots for motorcycles, it’ll be easy to locate yours thanks to the device’s proximity functions, at least for Apple AirTags. 

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