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Everything we know about the upcoming Royal Enfield Hunter 350

The entry-level roadster based on the Meteor 350 is expected to make landfall soon. Here’s what to expect.

Everything we know about the upcoming Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Royal Enfield surprised us about a year ago with the Meteor 350, a retro-inspired cruiser with a beginner-friendly mindset. The platform gave rise to the Classic 350, probably the bike that kicked off Royal Enfield's drive for global dominance, with a freshly built 350cc engine. The brand's 350 platform has now given birth to yet another model, which is none other than the Hunter 350.

Indeed, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 will likely pique the interest of a wider range of riders, particularly those who don’t exactly fancy the cruiser-esque styling of the Meteor and the Classic. While we, as well as a lot of our readers, are surely familiar with the Royal Enfield 350 platform, changing its ergonomics and handling characteristics could certainly result in an all-new experience. 

Possible variants

Royal Enfield Hunter 350

The Hunter is already available in other regions where the Neo-Retro Roadster is offered in two variations: Retro and Metro. Both variants are ideal for urban environments, but the Metro version keeps things straightforward with alloy wheels that measure 17 inches on either end. Retro gets fashionable 17-inch wire-spoke wheels, which lend a touch of vintage flare to the mix. The only real differences between the two variations are the various wheel designs and color schemes.

A familiar powerplant

Royal Enfield Hunter 350

An equally vintage engine may be found hiding behind the bike's traditional look. The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 has a 350cc single-cylinder engine, exactly like the Meteor and Classic 350 before it, but lacks any high-tech or performance features save from electronic fuel-injection. 20 horsepower at 6,100 rpm and 18.9 ft-lbs of torque at 4,000 rpm are available. As a result, commuters can expect a punchy ride at low rpm that is ideal for navigating the city and passing slower moving traffic.

Speculations on pricing and availability

Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Given the fact that Royal Enfield is known for providing a wide variety of colors and variants across its model range, it won’t at all be surprising if the Hunter 350 will come in a whole host of vibrant colors and hues. Just like the previously mentioned Retro and Metro variants available in other markets, the Hunter 350 will certainly be a solid platform for custom builds, as well as a capable commuter for city-dwellers. If and when Royal Enfield Philippines launches this bike here, chances are it’ll be priced incredibly competitively, and will retail around the ballpark of P230,000 to P270,000. 

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