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Do these 5 things to stay cool on your motorcycle this summer

This is especially relevant given the hot weather we’ve been experiencing recently.

Do these 5 things to stay cool on your motorcycle this summer

For most of us, summer is the best time to get out and ride. That being said, the heat can creep up on you when you least expect it. The effects of dehydration, fatigue, and heat stroke definitely don’t mix well with riding motorcycles, and can ultimately result in an accident. This is especially relevant these days, where the heat index in Metro Manila reached a peak of 50 degrees celsius not too long ago.

While the heat is indeed our enemy, it’s not a reason to cancel your rides altogether. There are indeed a multitude of things we can do to beat the heat and stay cool aboard our trusty two-wheelers. Let’s take a look at five tips and tricks you can apply to your riding. 

Start early

Do these 5 things to stay cool on your motorcycle this summer

Riding a motorcycle early in the morning can beat the heat for several reasons. Firstly, the temperature is typically cooler in the morning, providing a more comfortable riding experience. Additionally, there is less traffic on the road, reducing the time spent in direct sunlight and decreasing the chance of getting stuck in traffic. Finally, riding in the morning allows for a sense of calm and solitude, providing a refreshing and invigorating start to the day.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated while riding a motorbike is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, riding a motorcycle can be physically demanding and can cause riders to sweat, leading to dehydration. Dehydration can cause dizziness, fatigue, and loss of concentration, which can be dangerous while riding. Secondly, riders are often exposed to hot and dry weather conditions, which can increase the risk of dehydration. Finally, dehydration can affect a rider's decision-making abilities, reaction time, and overall performance, leading to accidents on the road. Therefore, it's essential to stay hydrated by drinking water before, during, and after riding a motorbike.

Wear mesh gear

Do these 5 things to stay cool on your motorcycle this summer

Mesh riding gear is perfect for hot weather because it provides excellent ventilation and airflow, keeping the rider cool and comfortable. The mesh fabric allows air to circulate through the gear, reducing the buildup of heat and sweat. This helps to regulate the rider's body temperature, preventing overheating and heat exhaustion. Additionally, mesh gear is typically lightweight and breathable, making it easy to move in and reducing the overall weight of the gear. The added comfort and ventilation provided by mesh gear make it an ideal choice for riders who want to stay cool and comfortable in hot weather conditions.

Plan your routes wisely

Planning your routes can help you avoid traffic on a motorcycle and keep you cooler on hot summer days. For starters, it allows you to avoid heavily congested areas and plan a route that takes advantage of back roads and quieter streets. This reduces the amount of time spent in stop-and-go traffic, which can be exhausting and increase the risk of overheating. Secondly, planning your route allows you to choose roads that are more shaded and cooler, which can help regulate your body temperature and make the ride more comfortable. Additionally, it can help you avoid direct sunlight, which can be harsh on your skin and cause sunburns. By planning your routes, you can avoid traffic and stay cooler, making your ride more enjoyable and safer.

Take lots of breaks

Do these 5 things to stay cool on your motorcycle this summer

Riding a motorcycle can be physically demanding, and the heat from the sun can increase the strain on your body, causing fatigue and exhaustion. Taking breaks allows you to rest, rehydrate, and cool down, preventing overheating and dehydration. Secondly, breaks allow you to remove your helmet and other gear, allowing your body to release trapped heat and sweat, providing relief from the heat. Additionally, taking breaks provides an opportunity to plan your route, check your bike, and ensure that you're comfortable and safe. By taking breaks, you can reduce the risk of heat exhaustion, improve your performance on the road, and make your ride more enjoyable.

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