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5 things you shouldn’t do while riding a motorcycle

Here are a few things you absolutely shouldn’t do while riding your motorcycle

5 things you shouldn’t do while riding a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is an amazing hobby. Some would even call it a passion. Not only does it serve as one of the most efficient forms of personal mobility, motorcycling also makes for an excellent release from the stresses of daily life. On top of this, riding in a group opens doors to new friendships and valuable connections that could come in handy in the future. 

That being said, getting on a motorcycle isn’t all peaches and cream. There are a few things to consider before swinging a leg over your two-wheeled steed, such as gear, maintenance, and a whole plethora of other things. We’ve covered all of these extensively in our other articles. This time around, let’s talk about a few things you should definitely not do if you plan on going for a ride, or if you find yourself on the road aboard your motorcycle. 

Become overwhelmed by your surroundings

Become overwhelmed by your surroundings

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most involved activities out there. Literally all four of your limbs have an important role to play in operating your two-wheeled stallion. The fact that you’re exposed to the elements with nothing but your riding gear protecting you from all the harsh elements on the road, becoming overwhelmed, especially in heavy traffic situations can be all too easy. 

When riding your motorcycle, it’s important to stay focused and alert. However, it can be detrimental if you become overly fixated at the things around you, causing you to enter a state of panic. Whenever you ride your motorcycle, be sure to stay calm, catch your breath, acknowledge the things around you, and of course, enjoy the ride. 

Disobey traffic rules and regulations

Disobey traffic rules and regulations

Contrary to the belief of all the kamote riders out there, motorcycles are not exempted from traffic rules and regulations. Yeah, that pedestrian crossing? No, that isn’t a quick and easy u-turn slot for you to skip having to wait at a stoplight. Whenever you ride your motorcycle, it’s important to obey traffic rules and respect your fellow motorists. 

Not only does obeying traffic rules and regulations keep you and those around you safe, it also gives motorcycle riders a better reputation—something which is very much needed, especially given the rise in popularity of affordable, easy-to-own motorbikes. 

Ride when you are physically and mentally exhausted

Physically and mentally exhausted

As mentioned above, riding a motorcycle, especially a high-performance big bike, is one of the most physically involved activities out there. Similar to playing a sport, riding a motorcycle involves quite a bit of physical exertion, and just as much mental focus. That said, it’s important to consider your physical and mental condition before swinging a leg over your bike. 

Did you have a hard day at work, and are you mentally exhausted? Or are you physically tired from not getting enough sleep last night? It may be best to reconsider going on that ride, as even a one-second lapse in concentration can lead to disaster. 

Succumb to road rage

Motorcycle road rage

When on a motorcycle, it can be all to easy to succumb to road rage, especially when inattentive drivers fail to notice you and your motorcycle. That’s just the way it is, unfortunately, as motorcycles occupy a much smaller space than cars. Because of this, the tendency for the human eye to glance past a motorcycle on the road is much greater than that of a car or SUV. 

While there’s no excuse for inattention behind the wheel, as a motorcyclist, it’s your responsibility to adapt to the situation—play the cards you’re dealt, so to speak. That said, succumbing to road rage ends well for nobody. Staying cool, however, pays dividends both in terms of safety and the overall enjoyment of your journey. 

Ride in a heightened emotional state

Motorcycle heightened emotional state

Last but not least, it’s highly recommended that you ride your motorcycle with a positive mindset. Hopping on your motorcycle after a long stressful day can be quite the release, and is indeed a good way of destressing. However, it’s important to leave your stresses behind, either at work or at home, and devote 100-percent of your attention to piloting your motorcycle. 

Riding your motorcycle while you’re angry, sad, or very agitated could result in these emotions spilling over to your riding style. As you’re probably aware, riding with your ego instead of your logic can, and most often ends in disaster. That being said, be sure to keep a level head, and focus on riding everything you hop aboard your beloved motorbike. 

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