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5 things we love about the Yamaha MT-09

The MT-09 is one of the most affordable Japanese motorcycles with over 110 horsepower.

2020 Yamaha MT-09

The Yamaha MT-09 has been a staple in the 800cc to 900cc class for many years to date. The triple-cylinder bike was first released in 2014 as the FZ-09 and quickly became a crowd favorite in many countries abroad. Loved for its affordable price and its manic power delivery, the beloved triple from Yamaha went through multiple iterations over the past few years and currently takes its place on dealership floors as the Yamaha MT-09—where MT aptly stands for “Master of Torque." 

The MT-09 is one of the most affordable motorcycles you can get with over 110 horsepower and an engine that packs more than two cylinders. Apart from the sensible benefit of having great value for money, the MT-09 proves to be an exhilarating, fun, and feature-packed motorcycle to own for those looking to enter the 800cc to 900cc class of motorcycles. If you’re looking for a reason to score a Yamaha MT-09 as your next bike, here are 5.


Yamaha MT-09 CP3 Engine

The Yamaha MT-09 is arguably most known for its 847cc liquid-cooled triple-cylinder engine which has gathered a reputation for being extremely energetic and playful. The straight-three engine produces a whopping 115 horsepower and 88 Nm of torque. Power is sent to the wide 180-section rear tire through a 6-speed gearbox. The triple-cylinder engine on the MT-09 is known to produce a substantial amount of power and torque from low RPMs which makes for a very energetic ride. On top of this, the MT-09’s triple-cylinder engine produces a smooth and crisp sound unlike any other engine layout—and is sure to keep you grinning ear to ear at every twist of the throttle.


Yamaha MT-09

From afar, the MT-09 may look like any other big bike to the average rider, but the MT-09 is actually styled quite uniquely from many of the competitor motorcycles in the market. The design language of the MT-09 strongly follows a supermoto design style: a one-piece seat without a large bump in height for the pillion rider, tall and long front forks with almost 14 cm of travel, and a tall handlebar that provides an upright and commanding seating position for all kinds of rides. The MT-09 also features a tire hugger from the factory which allows the tail section of the seat to look clean and sharp, and a modern headlight design to complement the borderline robotic and edgy design of the body and frame.


Yamaha MT-09 Display

The MT-09 also comes with a lot of fun and useful features. The 41mm inverted front fork is fully adjustable, while the rear mono-shock is adjustable for preload and rebound damping. The bike is also equipped with Yamaha’s adjustable traction control system and a selectable throttle mapping system with three different rider modes. The dual-disc front brake and single-disc rear brake both come equipped standard with ABS for rider safety, while LED lights are present for the front and rear which makes for great visibility even in the darkest of streets. The engine also comes equipped standard with an assist and slipper clutch for an easy clutch pull and enables a smooth shifting experience for all kinds of riding styles.

Aftermarket Support

Yamaha MT-09 Frame and Engine

One of the key benefits of having a globally available motorcycle which has been around for over 5 years is that aftermarket support is generous and widely available. If you’re looking at converting your MT-09 from a naked bike to a sport touring motorcycle, owners can easily find top box brackets, pannier racks, touring seats, crash guards, wind protection, and more. If you’re looking at tuning the bike for more aggressive riding, aftermarket suspension and ergonomic modifications can be had. If you’re simply looking to make it a more comfortable daily ride, handlebar options and aftermarket seats can easily be found as well. Regardless of your preferences, customization and aftermarket support works in favor of the MT-09.


Yamaha MT-09

Coming in at just P569,000, the Yamaha MT-09 is arguably one of the most affordable motorcycles you can own with more than two cylinders and over 110 horsepower. Competitor motorcycles in this class, including the KTM 790 Duke, the Triumph Street Triple, the BMW F 900 R, and the Kawasaki Z900 RS all hover in the P600,000 to P800,000 range making the MT-09 one of—if not the most accessible options in the market in this class. For P569,0000, owners' are getting a lot of motorcycles for the price: from the powerful and reliable engine to great and usable features, aftermarket support, and so much more. The Yamaha MT-09 packs a good punch for every peso spent on this bike.

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