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5 things we love about the CFMoto GT 400

We've been riding this sport tourer regularly for a couple of weeks now.

CFMoto GT 400

Ever since making its presence felt in 2018 under Motostrada, CFMoto has changed the game in the local big bike segment. Making expressway access attainable to a larger majority, CFMoto’s bikes present themselves with an impeccable performance-to-peso ratio, making their bikes extremely enticing choices for both beginning and veteran riders. Thanks to Motostrada, we recently got the chance to test their entry-level sport tourer, the CFMoto GT 400.

Equipped with a 400.4 cc parallel-twin engine, the GT 400 was designed with long-distance and comfort in mind. Producing around 42 hp and 37 Nm of torque, it has enough power to provide an exciting ride, while not being overbearing especially for new timers. The best part? This amazing package comes with a sticker price of just P267,000. That being said, here are 5 things we love about this affordable sport-tourer.


CFMoto GT 400 and GT 650

It goes without saying that the CFmoto GT 400 is one heck of a looker. During our time with the bike, we were frequently asked questions about the bike by random people on the street. When viewed alongside its bigger brother, the 650 GT, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart, save for the decal that gives the displacement away. CFmoto’s color scheme for both the blue and white versions of this bike also exude a subtle, yet exciting aura — an aesthetic that works well for both conservative and adventurous palettes. After all, the design of this bike, along with other CFMoto machines has been done courtesy of Kiska Design, the folks responsible for making KTMs and Husqvarnas as sharp as they are today. 

To complement the GT 400’s modern and aggressive styling, the bike also features an impressive fit and finish. We gave the bike a thorough inspection with our most meticulous eye, and could hardly find anything to fault about it. Everything from the switchgear, to the body panel fitment, and the lustrous paintwork was crafted pretty well, and could very much compete with its counterparts from Japan and Europe. 

Premium components

Of course, the CFMoto GT 400 isn’t all show and no go. It definitely walks the walk with a slew of upmarket componentry not commonly found on machines of this price point. For starters, this bike is equipped with a full LED lighting system which does a fantastic job of lighting the world around you, even on the darkest of nights. We rode this bike quite a bit at night, and the way the LED headlight casts its beams is nothing short of confidence-inspiring—making for a safer and more exciting ride. 

The GT 400 comes with a lot of subtle touches which, when added together, makes for a more premium experience. With backlit controls mated to solid tactile switchgear, accessing the bike’s controls is firm and crisp. Of course, we’d be hard-pressed not to mention the GT 400’s fancy full-color TFT display. We particularly like how the entire gauge display changes when changing from sport to touring modes. 

Comfort and safety

CFMoto GT 400

As mentioned previously, the CFMoto GT 400 was designed with long-distance comfort in mind. That being said, CFMoto has really delivered in terms of rider comfort and amenities. From front to back, the GT 400 is equipped with everything you need for a long day on the road. An adjustable windscreen keeps you within a comfortable bubble, free from wind buffeting and the fatigue brought about by continuous wind noise. The bike also comes standard with a 12v socket, as well as a USB charger for you to power your devices on the go. Of course, being a sport-touring machine, the GT 400 sports upright ergonomics, wide bars, and a very plush and comfortable seat — both for driver and passenger, with large grab rails for added pillion security. 

As far as performance and reliability are concerned, the CFMoto GT 400 is fitted with components from industry-leading brands. It comes standard with J.Juan brakes equipped with dual-channel Continental ABS. The brakes provide a confidence-inspiring response, though are not as sharp as other bikes in the segment. The 400.4 cc parallel-twin is equipped with Bosch EFI technology ensuring both its reliability and efficiency. Lastly, the KYB suspension front and rear do an adequate job of absorbing the bumps on the road, albeit begins to lose travel on more jagged sections. 


CFMoto GT400 and 650NK

Despite having a wet weight of 497 lbs, the GT 400 does a remarkable job of concealing its heft. Granted, of course, the bike can be intimidating when mounting it for the first time—especially so if you’re in the smaller side of the spectrum. However, the bike’s relatively low seat height and wide bars provide enough leverage to maneuver its heft even at low speeds and in heavy traffic. Surprisingly, we found it easier to maneuver the GT 400 as opposed to CFMoto's naked street bike, the 650 NK.

When tackling the twisties the GT 400’s 120-section front and 160-section rear tires inspire confidence, while the KYB suspension keeps you planted firmly on the road while being able to respond adequately to your inputs. Since the bike is equipped with a slipper clutch, it makes shifting mid-corner as well as rev-matching very easy and enjoyable, further adding to the spiritedness of your ride.


CFMoto GT 400 and 650 NK

All things considered, it’s very difficult to fault the CFMoto GT 400, especially given its P267,000 price tag. It’s one of the most affordable expressway-legal motorcycles in the Philippine market, as well as a very well equipped sport-tourer that’s capable enough to be your daily companion. Equipped with components from industry-leading companies, you can be assured that this bike will start on a dime, and run consistently, so long as, of course, you diligently observe maintenance schedules. 

Motostrada continues to impress with its exciting lineup of bikes that offer extremely enticing value for money. On top of this, the excellent after-sales support and ready availability of spare parts make for a stress-free ownership experience. 

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