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5 seemingly minor modifications that can change the way your bike rides

These easy-to-do upgrades can radically change the riding characteristics of your motorcycle.

5 modifications that change the way your bike rides

2024 is finally here, and perhaps you're looking for a way to treat yourself after your Christmas bonus. Or perhaps you just want to give yourself a pat on the back for surviving 2023. Well, whatever the case may be, it's always a good idea to upgrade your bike, right?

We frequently want to customize our bikes to better suit our interests and preferences, just like we do with most things in life. As it turns out, there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to bikes, and manufacturers engage in extensive R&D to find the optimum compromise that checks off all the requirements for a particular motorbike. So what if you acquire your new bike and discover that you would like to make a few changes? Fortunately, this is where the aftermarket may be useful. Let's now talk about some motorbike upgrades you might want to think about, especially if you want to have a more enjoyable and comfortable riding experience.


5 modifications that change the way your bike rides

Your motorcycle's brakes are without a doubt one of the most crucial components of your two-wheeled steed. It should go without saying how important it is to keep your bike's brakes in top working order. Similar to budget tires, less costly motorcycles feature simple braking systems that are prone to early fade and wear. Changing to superior performance steel-sintered or organic brake pads can dramatically improve the performance of your brakes. The same is true when changing your bike's rubber brake lines to steel braided ones, which frequently have less flex and greater heat tolerances.


5 modifications that change the way your bike rides

Changing your handlebars is one of the simplest, quickest, and least expensive ways to enhance your riding experience. The stock bars may be swapped out for wider ones with different heights and angles. You can adopt a sportier, more hunched-over riding stance by choosing lower bars. Tall, broad bars, on the other hand, provide you more leverage and allow you to sit upright for more comfort and control. Measure the diameter of the stock handlebar on your bike before purchasing a new set of handlebars to be sure they will fit your bike perfectly.


5 modifications that change the way your bike rides

The tires on your motorcycle are by far one of the most crucial parts to consider. Even though it's commonly ignored, it's quite unsettling to think that only this tiny bit of rubber is responsible for keeping you shiny side up and rubber side down. Having said that, it's important to consistently maintain great tire condition. After all, whether you live or die may very well depend on the condition of your tires. But if you just bought a motorcycle on a short budget, it's possible that it had poor-quality tires that weren't very effective or tractional. It will be beneficial for you to replace them with a more pricey, performance-focused pair.


5 modifications that change the way your bike rides

If you plan to travel for numerous hours or days at a time, a touring seat will greatly increase your comfort. The manufacturer of the motorbike or reliable third parties typically sell touring seats since the complete seat assembly is usually changed. Touring seats are designed with comfort in mind and include a higher-quality cushion material. Even if changing to a touring seat is occasionally a more expensive option, the expense of buying a seat that is specifically constructed to fit your motorcycle will be worthwhile.

Suspension tuning

5 modifications that change the way your bike rides

Updating your suspension system is the final thing you can do to increase rider comfort. Inability to sensitively minimize road bumps due to worn-out suspension parts may cause the rider to feel uneasy and shaky. Front forks can benefit from a fresh supply of quality fork oil, while rear shocks may need to be serviced or replaced. Having excellent suspension will greatly increase the comfort and enjoyment of your ride.

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