Ural Motorcycles

The Ural was a Russian company founded in 1941, which built sidecar motorcycles to help the military in World War II. After the war, the practicality of those sidecars and their off-road capabilities had made an impact on motorcycle enthusiasts. Today, Ural Motorcycles is based in Redmond, Washington in the United States, where the worldwide distribution of their products is planned. The company has a factory in Irbit, Russia where it develops its products to offer the best adventure-ready motorcycles in the market.

Since 2014, the Ropali Classics has been the official distributor of the historic brand in the Philippines. The Ural lineup is composed of the Gear Up 750, Gear Up Sahara 750, Gear Up Sportsman 750, and the CT750.

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Ural Motorcycle Models

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