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Lambretta was founded in Milan, Italy in 1947 by Ferdinando Innocenti, which produced a line of scooters. The name is derived from the word ‘Lambrate,’ a suburb in the Italian town where the brand’s factory was located. However, the scooter brand closed down in 1972 after the market shifted from scooters to affordable small cars. Lambretta’s licensed companies then continued operations, one of these being a government-run company in India until it also closed shop in 1997. The brand was revived in 2017 thanks to a joint venture between the Lambretta Consortium and the Austrian KSR Group.

The brand entered the Philippine market in 2018 through Ropali Classics, which is its current official distributing company. Lambretta says that their arrival in this country comes after they saw a worldwide rise of interest in classic, retro motorcycles.

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