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LS2 Rapid Helmet—Gear Review

Budget-friendly pricing, premium protection.

LS2 Rapid Helmet - Long Term Review

LS2 is one of the most popular helmet brands, not only in the Philippines, but also around the world. For several years now, the brand—headquartered in Spain—has been protecting the heads of motorized two wheeler riders, be it on the street, track, and off-road. As such, like most other helmet manufacturers out there, LS2 has a very broad selection of helmets fit for all sorts of budgets. Known the world over for its value for money, LS2 has a particularly attractive full-face helmet in the form of the Rapid.

Personally, the LS2 Rapid has been a favorite helmet of mine for many years now—particularly when it comes to everyday riding and commuting. Having owned three LS2 Rapids, you could certainly say that I know a thing or two about this budget-friendly helmet, as well as how it ages, retains its protective features, and generally stands the test of time.  

First impressions

LS2 Rapid Helmet - Long Term Review

Right out of the box, the LS2 Rapid carries with it rather simple, generic styling with an emphasis on sporty and sleek. It comes in a variety of colorways, and certainly looks like it’s worth more than just P2,600. For such an affordable helmet, it’s hard to really expect too much from it, however, when I first bought this helmet, I was impressed by how lightweight it felt, the quality of the inner liner, as well as the smoothness of the visor mechanism. You’ll notice, however, that the neck roll, cheek pads, and interior lining of the helmet are all made of the same fabric—hinting that this model was built on a budget.

What I like about it

LS2 Rapid Helmet - Long Term Review

Given its super affordable price point, there’s truly a lot to like about LS2’s entry-level full-face helmet. First and foremost is its safety rating. Being one of the most reputable helmet brands in the world, LS2’s products are unquestionably safe, and have lots of certifications to back this up. The Rapid is no different. Having been on the market for a few years now, it isn’t compliant with the latest ECE 22.06 standard just yet. However, it is compliant with the previous ECE 22.05 standard, as well as the DOT standard in the U.S. 

Another thing that makes the LS2 Rapid a particularly versatile helmet is the fact that it’s eyewear compatible, with slits in the inner lining to accommodate sunglasses and other types of eyewear. There are also lots of choices when it comes to tinted visors, with both LS2 and a variety of other third-party manufacturers producing tinted and smoked visors for the Rapid in varying shades. Last but not least, the helmet comes with built-in speaker cutouts, so installing any type of communicator is incredibly easy and straightforward. 

What I don't like about it

LS2 Rapid Helmet - Long Term Review

As for the cons of this helmet, it’s hard to really blame it for anything, as a helmet’s main purpose in life is to provide protection, and the LS2 Rapid pretty much has it in the bag. However, it must be noted that if you’re looking for a touring helmet—one that can be ridden for kilometers on end in comfort and silence—you may want to look elsewhere. Indeed, the LS2 Rapid is one of the noisier full-face helmets I’ve tried, and any riding done on the highway has necessitated the use of earplugs. Of course, the fact that it’s a budget-oriented helmet means that it misses out on a drop-down visor. It does, however, make up for it with its eyewear compatibility. 

After years of use

LS2 Rapid Helmet - Long Term Review

Surprisingly, after years of use—both on the city and highway, my LS2 Rapid has managed to stay fresh and looking like new. With the proper TLC, such as periodically washing the inner liner and applying matte paint protectant to the shell, it’s surprisingly easy to look after this helmet. Some signs of aging have made themselves present, however, in the form of light corrosion on the micrometric quick-release buckle. Also, the cheek pads have loosened slightly, and may be in need of replacement soon. Do note, however, that I’ve been wearing my LS2 Rapid on a regular basis for the past four years, so the pads and lining have pretty much survived the entire life of the helmet. 

The verdict

LS2 Rapid Helmet - Long Term Review

At the end of the day, a helmet’s purpose is to protect you in the event of a crash. Being compliant with the ECE 22.05 standard means that the LS2 Rapid is recognized as a solid choice when it comes to full-face helmets all across the world. For the price of P2,600, it’s quite honestly hard to beat that. Its sporty styling, wide selection of aftermarket visors, and easy-to-remove and clean interior liner can all be considered extra cherries on top of the cake. Having said all that, if you’re a beginner rider looking for your first helmet, or perhaps you’re a seasoned rider looking for a no-frills, comfy, and safe helmet for around the city, the you certainly can’t go wrong with the LS2 rapid. 

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