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Kriega Trail 18 Backpack — Gear Review

A versatile backpack that’s perfect for both commuting and touring.

Kriega Trail 18 Backpack — Gear Review

Kriega is a renowned brand in the realm of motorcycle luggage, offering a perfect blend of style and practicality. With a strong focus on quality, the brand ensures that your essential items are stored securely and conveniently. Kriega's range of bags caters to various motorcycling disciplines, including street riding, long-distance touring, and off-road adventures.

Among the array of backpacks available, one that stands out as particularly intriguing is the Trail 18. Its distinctive and recognizable styling lends it a rugged, urban aesthetic that catches the eye. Designed with adventure in mind, this backpack proves to be an excellent choice for both daily commuting and extended touring, while also accommodating occasional off-road excursions. Its allure has captivated me for quite some time, prompting me to make the decision to include it in my personal collection of backpacks.

Design and build quality

Kriega Trail 18 Backpack

The Trail 18 boasts a highly premium design that exudes an air of luxury. From its aesthetics to its construction, it imparts a sense of exclusivity and sophistication, truly resembling an expensive backpack. Meticulously assembled, every detail is flawlessly executed, ensuring a product that is well put together in every aspect. Notably, the emphasis on ergonomics sets this backpack apart. 

Kriega's revolutionary Quadloc-Lite system, a proprietary feature, takes center stage in enhancing comfort and functionality. By intelligently distributing the load across the shoulders and back, it promotes good posture and effectively prevents fatigue, even during prolonged use. The ergonomic design is so well-implemented that, depending on the amount of weight you carry, it may feel as if you're not wearing a backpack at all. 


Kriega Trail 18 Backpack
Kriega Trail 18 Backpack

Kriega's backpacks are meticulously crafted with a specific focus on motorcycle use. As such, they are fortified with reinforced and abrasion-resistant materials to withstand the demands of the road. This specialized construction imparts a slightly more rigid structure compared to conventional backpacks. However, Kriega adeptly maximizes the available space within the Trail 18 while maintaining slim and compact dimensions. Despite its durability and protective features, the backpack remains practical and efficient, striking a balance between sturdiness and usability.

True to its name, the Trail 18 offers a generous storage capacity of 18 liters. At the front, a spacious waterproof compartment provides ample room to securely store essentials such as a laptop, spare clothing, and other belongings. It should be noted, however, that the main compartment is not waterproof. Nevertheless, it is designed to accommodate Kriega's hydration bladder, making it perfect for extended rides and out-of-town trips where staying hydrated is essential. Within the main pocket, there is a convenient waterproof pocket for quick access to essential items. On the exterior, the bag features a durable Hypalon net, which serves as an excellent attachment point for items like a raincoat, gloves, and other gear, allowing for easy access while on the move.


Kriega Trail 18 Backpack

The Kriega Trail 18 is purposefully designed as an adventure-ready motorcycle backpack, embodying a strong emphasis on rugged and urban styling. Its compact design allows it to seamlessly transition between urban environments, long tours, and off-road adventures. At the front, the inclusion of the Quadloc-Lite harness not only enhances comfort and load distribution but also imparts a distinctly tactical aesthetic to the backpack. This combination of functionality and aesthetics makes the Trail 18 an ideal companion for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking both style and performance.

The verdict

Kriega Trail 18 Backpack

As with other offerings from Kriega, the Trail 18 maintains its premium pricing, retailing at approximately P14,000. Nevertheless, this investment is justified by the backpack's exceptional construction and performance. Crafted from abrasion-resistant textile fabric, it guarantees the safety and security of your belongings, even during rugged rides. The ergonomic design further adds to its value, allowing for extended periods of comfortable riding. Without a doubt, the Trail 18 stands as one of the top choices for city riding and moderate to long-distance tours, solidifying its reputation as a reliable and high-quality motorcycle backpack.

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