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Falco Land 3 Touring Boots – Gear Review

Falco’s got you covered on your next touring ride with this versatile pair of boots.

Falco Land 3 Touring Boots – Gear Review

When embarking on long-distance rides, selecting the appropriate footwear is of utmost importance. Safety, comfort, weather-resistance, and other factors that may arise on the road should be taken into consideration. It is crucial to opt for footwear that is significantly more durable and sturdy compared to your everyday riding boots.

As a sportier rider who values both comfort and protection, I tend to gravitate towards sleeker designs that match the rest of my gear. One of the newest offerings from Italian gear brand Falco caught my eye: the Land 3 touring boots. Designed for touring and light ADV riding, they fit the bill perfectly, and needless to say, are equipped with all the essential technology to guarantee both protection and comfort on long rides. Before we dive into the Land 3 boots, let’s first take a look at the company behind them.

A quick intro on Falco boots

Falco Land 3 Touring Boots – Gear Review

Gianni Falco Srl - Motorcycle Boots Company, or simply known as Falco, has been in the business of motorcycle-focused footwear for over 30 years now. The brand has proven technical expertise in the manufacturing of technical footwear for motorcyclists and other motorsports. Headquartered in Cornuda near Venice, Italy, pretty much covers all the bases when it comes to motorcycling. It has sneaker-style boots designed for urban riders looking for a fashionable pair of boots. It also has rugged adventure and off-road boots, streamlined touring and sport-touring boots, off-road boots, and retro-inspired footwear. 

Here in the Philippines, Falco’s products are distributed by the folks at WWR Manila, who are also responsible for bringing in major brands such as Shark Helmets, Furygan, and Segura into the fold. The brand sets itself apart with its clean styling and functional design, all while incorporating cutting-edge technology when it comes to comfort and safety. 

Design and build quality

Falco Land 3 Touring Boots – Gear Review

When I first tried the Falco Land 3 touring boots, I was pleasantly surprised by their lightweight construction. Despite being waterproof, these boots felt light and effortless to walk in, providing exceptional comfort. The design of the boots clearly indicates their specialization for motorcycle riding, with features like a non-slip sole, sturdy toe box, and ankle area that emphasize their focus on protection.

Regarding their appearance, it's evident that these boots are not your typical everyday riding boots for commuting purposes. They are better suited for longer rides outside of the city. However, it doesn't mean that you can't use them as your daily footwear; you just need to appreciate their purposeful design. In terms of durability, there’s no doubt that the Falco Land 3 boots are built to a high standard. Despite their surprisingly lightweight nature, they feel remarkably solid and possess a fit and finish that clearly indicates their premium quality.

Practical comfort

Falco Land 3 Touring Boots – Gear Review

Irrespective of personal style preferences, it is evident that the meticulous design of these boots prioritizes maximum comfort. One noteworthy aspect that stands out is the Velcro fastening system, which includes closures on both the inner and outer parts of the boot. This clever design makes it incredibly convenient to put on and take off the boots. Furthermore, an additional strap on the outside of the boot adds an extra layer of security. With these thoughtful design elements, the Falco Land 3 boots combine style, comfort, and practicality, elevating the overall riding experience.

Falco takes great care in providing optimal protection and functionality in their Land 3 motorcycle boots. They incorporate a HighTex waterproof membrane that effectively shields your feet from moisture, ensuring they remain dry even in wet riding conditions. Additionally, the boots feature AirTech technology, which prioritizes ventilation and breathability. This feature not only keeps your feet cool and comfortable during rides but also boasts quick-drying and antibacterial properties, ensuring the boots stay fresh for extended periods.

Confidence-inspiring protection

Falco Land 3 Touring Boots – Gear Review

Falco places a strong emphasis on rider safety by integrating D3O inserts into their Land 3 boots. D3O is a specialized material renowned for its exceptional impact dissipation capabilities. In its resting state, D3O is soft and flexible, ensuring optimal comfort during rides. However, upon impact, it instantaneously transforms into a solid and compact form, effectively absorbing and dispersing the forces of impact. This innovative technology significantly reduces the risk of injuries by minimizing the transmission of impact energy to the rider's feet. D3O is widely used in various motorcycle gear, including jackets with elbow and shoulder protectors, as well as chest and back protectors, highlighting its versatility and effectiveness in providing protection.

When it comes to traction and stability, the Falco Land 3 boots are equipped with a heavy-duty sole. This robust sole is purposefully designed to provide superior grip and prevent slippage, particularly on wet and uneven surfaces. It is specifically engineered for diverse riding conditions, such as gravel roads and light off-road terrain. The durability of the sole ensures longevity and resilience, while maintaining excellent sensitivity. This means riders can maintain a precise feel on the footpegs, rear brake lever, and shift lever, allowing for enhanced control and maneuverability. The combination of exceptional traction, durability, and sensitivity in the sole contributes to improved rider confidence, stability, and performance across various surfaces and riding scenarios.

The verdict

Falco Land 3 Touring Boots – Gear Review

In summary, the Falco Land 3 boots offer a compelling option, especially for riders who prioritize comfort. While they may not provide the highest level of protection available, their design places a strong emphasis on comfort, surpassing many urban, sneaker-style riding boots in terms of protection. The Land 3 boots successfully strike a balance between style, functionality, and safety, making them a desirable choice for riders seeking a comfortable and protective footwear option.

The Falco Land 3 boots excel in catering to the needs of adventure bike riders who explore mild off-road terrain, as well as road riders in search of comfortable touring boots. Their durability and exceptional traction make them a perfect choice for navigating diverse surfaces. Riders can confidently tackle various terrains, knowing that the boots offer reliable support and grip. Additionally, the Land 3 boots' design prioritizes comfort, ensuring a pleasurable riding experience even during long-distance journeys.

One notable advantage is the boots' versatility in different weather conditions. With their waterproofing capabilities, riders can remain confident and dry even when faced with wet conditions. Simultaneously, the boots also provide breathability, allowing for adequate ventilation to keep the feet cool and comfortable in warmer climates. This adaptability ensures that the Land 3 boots can be worn throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions.

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