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You will soon be able to test ride Honda’s big bikes at the Honda Safety Driving Center

Ride before you buy.

Honda Africa Twin

There’s no denying that big bikes are definitely big ticket items, for most people, at least. As such, pulling the trigger on a shiny new motorcycle can take quite a lot of discernment and research in order to make sure that the bike you’re eyeing is really the bike you want. Buying a motorcycle is, in most cases, a highly involved process which starts with a lot of research, asking friends and acquaintances who are familiar with the bike you want, and actually seeing the bike for yourself. 

For many people, booking a test ride is more often than not the deciding factor when it comes to actually buying the bike. Unfortunately, however, many manufacturers simply don’t allow anyone to just test out their motorcycles. After all, big bikes are quite a handful and require a certain level of skill in order to pilot safely and competently. Luckily, Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), is giving would-be big bike owners the chance to test ride their dream machines in a safe and controlled environment. It’s doing this by opening its Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC) located in Parañaque, as a venue for customers to experience the performance of Honda big bikes first hand. 

Honda X-ADV
“At Honda, we know that not experiencing to ride a motorbike can sometimes become a deal-breaker, particularly when it comes to big bikes. These motorbikes are like beasts that really get everyone’s attention because of its stance. However, for big bike riders, we know that they are looking for more than just stance. And that is why we want our customers to experience riding our Honda big bikes so it will be easier to decide which one is right for them.”

Starting October, the HSDC will open its doors for interested Honda big bike buyers on weekends, with slots available for eight participants per day. Test rides will start with two of Honda’s popular bikes—the Africa Twin adventure bike and the X-ADV dual-purpose scooter. However, it’s expected that the company will soon make its other popular big bikes such as the Rebel 500, CB650R, and CB1000R available for test rides in the near future. Registration for test rides will open this coming September, and will be accessible via HPI’s social media platforms. 

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