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Yamaha showcases radical MT-09 Cyber Rally at 2022 Osaka Motorcycle Show

No word as to whether or not this kit will make it to production, though.

Yamaha MT-09 Cyber Rally

When Yamaha debuted the latest generation model in 2021, it gave the MT-09 a complete overhaul. The new headlight cluster was one of the most controversial design elements of the bike, but you can’t deny that it modernizes the naked sportbike. Not hesitating to lean fully into the alien-like styling, the MT-09 Cyber Rally was presented at the 2022 Osaka Motorcycle Show.

The Yamaha MT-09 has always been known for its radical styling. This isn’t the first time Yamaha has tried to amplify its hooligan attitude, either. The MT-09 Street Rally was unveiled to the public during EICMA 2013. The MT-09's hooligan attitude was accentuated by the headlight cowl, integrated handguards, side number plate, tank shrouds, and fork covers. Unfortunately, though, the Street Rally from 8 years ago never made it to production. For the 2022 MT-09 Cyber Rally, Yamaha designers went back to the drawing board, but this time the new concept takes the urban rally concept to the next level.

Yamaha MT-09 Cyber Rally
Yamaha MT-09 Cyber Rally

The Cyber Rally, like its predecessor, borrows several styling cues from modern-day supermotos. For instance, a tiny windscreen and handguards are built into the new headlight on the MT-09. The handguards, on the other hand, are made of carbon fiber and have a more streamlined design. The MT-09's alien appeal is enhanced by its antenna-like design, but it doesn't end there.

Yamaha has also updated the Cyber Rally with new radiator shrouds. The larger pieces not only give the naked bike more protection, but they also help manage airflow by diverting hot air away from the engine and away from the rider. Lastly, Yamaha has swapped out the factory underbelly exhaust pipe with a new setup that features an extended muffler.

It's worth noting that all of the items on the Cyber Rally are from Yamaha accessory partner Y's Gear. Following the Osaka Motorcycle Show, neither company has announced whether an MT-09 Cyber Rally kit would be available. The MT-09 had a redesign in 2021, but the Cyber Rally bodywork from Y's Gear takes the futuristic style much farther.

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