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Yamaha Motor Philippines concludes Mio Gear Moto Campground in CDO

The three-day event was full of adventures, challenges, and prizes.

Yamaha Mio Gear Moto Campground CDO

The Mio Gear Moto Campground series from Yamaha Motor Philippines was wrapped up with a three-day trip over the breathtaking scenery of Cagayan de Oro. The final weekend of November was packed with grit to overcome every hurdle thanks to the invitation of media partners, motovloggers, and Cagayanon Mio Gear riders. Unlike the previous legs, the most recent series consisted of a number of tasks that each competitor had to complete in order to advance—testing their sportsmanship, forging friendships, and demonstrating how tough they all were.

Yamaha Mio Gear Moto Campground CDO
Yamaha Mio Gear Moto Campground CDO

In the first episode of the series, reporters and motovloggers competed to figure out the mystery of the gear that was sent to each of their houses. The first job that needed to be completed in Manila was inside the box. They had no idea that the mystery would deepen as they approached CDO. The other three tasks involved searching for their assigned scooter in the sweltering heat, using their photography skills to find specific tourist attractions in Gaston Park, eating challenging exotic foods, and using their intellect to solve a complex puzzle. 

The members' ability to work together as a team was tested in the last assignment. The mystery container had to be opened by each team. The Yamaha Media Team unlocked the last padlock to unveil the four new colors for the Yamaha Mio Gear and Mio Gear S, which have a matte finish and fewer painted pieces and emphasize more of the motorcycle's tough and adaptable qualities.

Yamaha Mio Gear Moto Campground CDO

On the second day, competitors organized four unique teams to take on Dahilayan Park's exhilarating rides and thrilling adventures. Every competitor was prepared to compete and maintain their toughness despite the challenging obstacles they would face. Teams were positioned side by side and engaged in a battle to win the championship. Following the thrilling trials, the campfire night was all about unwinding and reflecting on the day's events. At the same time, the battlefield winners were announced.

The three-day journey demonstrated the extent to which Yamaha Motor Philippines will go in order to open up opportunities for every rider in the Philippines. All Mio Gear rider competitors were given the chance to show how tough they were by overcoming all the hurdles since the previous legs in Zambales and Cebu.

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