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Yamaha expected to launch new and improved 2022 MT-10

Some design and performance enhancements are in the pipeline.

Yamaha MT-10

What do you get if you want the performance of a Yamaha R1 optimized for the street? Well, luckily, Yamaha’s MT-10 delivers just that. In production since 2017, the MT-10 is Team Blue’s biggest, baddest edition in the Master of Torque model range. It is, in essence, an R1 sans the fairings, and with engine mapping and gearing tuned specifically for the street.

Yamaha’s flagship liter-class naked bike has, for the most part, remained unchanged since its launch in 2017. However, recent type-approval documents suggest that the MT-10 is due for some revisions in the 2022 model year. At present, the bike is known for its crossplane inline-four-cylinder engine which is derived from the YZF-R1. This engine shares some technological features with Yamaha’s MotoGP engine in the YZR-M1 race bike, and has proven itself as one of the most powerful and reliable mills in the motorcycle world. 

Yamaha MT-10

For the 2022 model year, Euro 5-compliance has forced manufacturers to revise their engine mapping and exhaust configurations. Yamaha is no exception.  As such, we can expect the new MT-10 to feature some tuning refinements as well as a new exhaust system. It’s interesting to note, however, that the new MT-10 is expected to be a tad more powerful at 161 horsepower, as opposed to the current bike which makes an already impressive 156 ponies. On top of this, we can expect the bike to come equipped with advanced electronics consisting of IMU-powered rider aids, and even Bluetooth smartphone connectivity.

Last but not least, we can expect the 2022 Yamaha MT-10 to don new attire. Suffice it to say that the current bike’s insectoid styling is rather polarizing. As such, we can expect the new bike to adapt the MT range’s Dark Side of Japan aesthetic—similar to what we’re seeing in the 2021 MT-09 and MT-07 naked sportbikes. That said, nothing is yet set in stone, as Yamaha has not yet released official photos of the new bike. We’ll have to wait until EICMA before we see the bike in the flesh.

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