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Would you ride an all-electric version of the Kymco Like 125?

Kymco introduces its newest all-electric runabout, the Like 125 EV.

Kymco Like 125 EV

Kymco recently announced the launch of the Like 125 EV, an electric scooter that can travel 199 kilometers on a single charge. The Like 125 EV is the Taiwanese company's newest electric scooter, with a clean design and comfortable ergonomics. Furthermore, the specifications of the small runabout appear to be rather amazing. Let's have a look at it more closely, shall we?

The Kymco Like 125 EV is powered by a small electric motor that produces up to 3,200 watts, or around 4.3 horsepower, and has enough room to hold five batteries, allowing it to travel up to 199 kilometers. It uses Kymco's unique Ionex battery technology, which is said to charge in just one hour. Over the course of its lifetime, each battery will be able to charge around 1,000 times.

Kymco Like 125 EV

The style of the two-wheeler is akin to that of its internal combustion engine stablemates. The EV gets some intricate points, such as the headlight cover, just like the widely successful Like 125 and Like 150, which are loved across Asia and Europe. The rear grab handle, as well as the border on the headlight, are decorated in a bright blue that distinguishes the Like 125 EV from its gasoline-powered siblings.

The Like 125 EV weighs only 94 kilos, making it a breeze to ride around town. The scooter also has technological capabilities, such as the ability to connect to smartphones via an app to obtain data such as speed and available power. Its screen is also totally digital, with all information shown boldly and legibly.

The Kymco Like 125 EV will cost around 1,200 Euros in Europe, or around P75,000 in the Philippines, making it reasonably priced for the general public. We'll have to wait and watch whether Kymco comes up with a marketing strategy for this vehicle. Hopefully, this electric runabout will be available in the local market shortly.

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