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Will Honda unveil the new CBR650RR-R in October?

The “Baby Fireblade” could debut at the MotoGP Thai Grand Prix.

Honda CBR600RR-R

Last month, rumors first surfaced about Honda releasing a new 600 cc middleweight “Fireblade” sports bike set to be released for 2021. This was reported by a known Japanese magazine publication, Young Machine that seemed to have access to really reliable sources of inside scoop from Honda and suggested that the new motorcycle will be following the same nomenclature from CBR1000RR-R and be putting more Rs to its name. Young Machine even went as far as releasing photo renderings of what they predict the motorcycle would look like and they seem to historically have a knack for getting these renderings pretty close to the actual machines as they get released.

Honda CBR600RR-R
Honda CBR600RR-R

The latest update that has been surfacing around news sites is that the middleweight “Baby Fireblade” was originally scheduled to be unveiled earlier this year. However, the global pandemic that caused nationwide lockdowns all over the world, and forced temporary closures of stores, businesses, sporting events, and even international motorcycle shows has forced Honda to change its timeline and rethink the timing of their schedules. Originally, the CBR6000RR-R was set to be unveiled at the MotoGP Thai Grand Prix. However, since the race was also forced to be postponed by the organizers to October due to the global health crisis, reports are now suggesting that the unveiling of the “Baby Fireblade” will still coincide with the Thai Grand Prix race set on October. 

The previous generation CBR600RR was dropped from production by Honda at the end of 2016 as it failed to meet the more stringent Euro 4 emission standards at that time. The newer CBR600RR-R is expected to comply with the latest European emission standards set forth on its scheduled release date. It is also predicted that the new bike will be powered by a boosted version of the same inline-4 engine from the CBR650RR-R and will be borrowing visual cues from the bigger MotoGP inspired CBR1000RR-R Fireblade that Marc Marquez recently tested in the famous Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, in Spain. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for any more updates as the “Baby Fireblade’s” unveiling draws closer. 

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