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Valenzuela to Marilao service road parallel to the expressway now open

Small bikes can take this route running parallel to the highway to get from Valenzuela to Marilao.

Service Road Valenzuela Marilao

Motorists who are taking a trip up north from Valenzuela city via the service road can now take the two-lane service road that connects Meycauayan and Marilao, Bulacan. While big bikes can still take the tollway going to these places, smaller bikes can opt to take this service road that still runs parallel to the expressway

The east service road runs parallel to the Meycauayan-Marilao section of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). Motorists who will make a trip from Paso de Blas in Valenzuela City can take this service road to Lias, Marilao without having to traverse MacArthur Highway, which is a longer route. 

Responsible for the construction of this road, the Department of Works and Highways (DPWH) stated that the road’s main goal was to decongest the road network of Bulacan, taking traffic away from MacArthur highway and redirecting it into this area for easier access up north and all the other areas therein. 

As it stands, Meycauayan’s traffic volume is growing thanks to development in the area plus the growing population. This has led motorists to endure stop-and-go situations, especially on MacArthur highway. With this new road, it’s expected the flow of traffic from the Meycauayan Interchange during rush hours will improve as motorists now have an alternative route that’s convenient as it doesn’t go through an overly congested thoroughfare. 

Small bikes, in particular, will likely feel the effects of this alternative route as cars, trucks, and big bikes are able to get on the highway anyway for a more direct and express route. 

Motorists that will be traveling between Iba, Libton, Malhacan, and Pandayan in Meycauayan and Lias, Ibayo, Saog, and Lambakin in Marilao will no longer need to pass through St. Francs, St. Michael, and Meralco subdivisions. This new development offers the improvement of traffic flow during peak hours. 

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