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Take a look at the new and improved BMW G 310 GS

It gets a special Rallye Edition, too.

Take a look at the new and improved BMW G 310 GS

Back in the day, adventure bikes were always decked out in the latest and greatest when it came to engine and suspension technology. So much so, that these bikes often featured high-capacity motors which were tuned to provide maximum performance across the rev range. Naturally, these bikes, more often than not, came with close to, if not more than 1,000cc of displacement. That said, a small-capacity ADV, say, with around 400cc or less of displacement was virtually unheard of. 

Fast forward to today, and we have seen a paradigm shift, not just in the loca big bike scene, but in the global motorcycle industry, as well. More and more riders are swinging a leg over smaller, lighter weight machines. This includes adventure bikes. Recent years have seen the introduction of machines like the Kawasaki Versys-X 300, the KTM 390 Adventure, and of course, the BMW G 310 GS. All these bikes offer the same on and off-road capabilities of their bigger, more expensive stablemates, however in a far more approachable package, both performance and budget-wise.

BMW G 310 GS

A couple of months ago, German auto and motorcycle maker BMW updated the G 310 range of bikes. The baby adventure bike, the G 310 GS, was subject to a myriad of little updates, which, when looked at from the bigger picture, elevate the bike's overall appeal. We'd go as far as saying that the updates to the bike are very timely, as the outgoing model, which we actually got to spend some time with, was undoubtedly beginning to look a little long in the tooth. So, what exactly does the new G 310 GS have to offer? Well, from a styling perspective, the bike still very much looks like a BMW adventue bike, making it rather deserving of the GS moniker. It gets slightly redesigned bodywork, a new LED headlight, and integrated daytime running lights (DRL).  

BMW has also released a rather eye-catching colorway, which is sure to capture the attention of would-be buyers. Dubbed the Rallye, this stunning color option features dark blue, silver, and red accents, and gives the little ADV bike a rather premium and adventurous aesthetic. The bike continues to be powered by a torquey 313cc single-cylinder engine. Featuring a four-valve cylinder head and liquid-cooling, the bike makes a decent 34 horsepower and 27 Nm of torque. It's just a shame that local law prohibit this bike from entering the expressway, given that its displacement falls below the 400cc mark. It's safe to say that this bike has more than enough grunt to make for a safe and enjoyable highway tourer. 

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