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Suzuki announces pricing for the new V-Strom 800DE in Europe

Would you be willing to pay close to P700,000 for this middleweight ADV machine?

Suzuki V-Strom 800DE

Before it was formally announced at EICMA 2022, it was already known that Suzuki was redesigning its line of middleweight bikes with V-twin engines by completely getting rid of the V-twin engine and switching to a more efficient and compact parallel-twin engine, as all other manufacturers had done in the past. Finally, the GSX-8S and the V-Strom 800DE were unveiled to us at EICMA.

Suzuki chose a brand-new parallel-twin engine in place of the legendary V-twin engine that had powered the V-Strom 650 and SV650 for more than 20 years, following Yamaha's design but slightly increasing the displacement. The majority of manufacturers, including several from China, seem to be developing parallel-twins with an uneven firing sequence, with 270-degree crankshafts appearing to have established themselves as the standard. This is true of the new V-Strom 800DE, which has a 779cc displacement and is larger than Yamaha's CP2. As a result, it produces more power, 84.3 horsepower and 57.7 lb-ft of torque, to be exact. 

Suzuki V-Strom 800DE

You could argue that Suzuki stayed with tried-and-true technology for the bike's foundation. A steel back bone frame with a bolt-on steel subframe houses the new engine. The bike has wheels that are 21 inches in front and 17 inches in back, giving it more off-road capability than its predecessor. Even better, Suzuki has added a lightweight aluminum swingarm to the new 'Strom to minimize unsprung weight at the back, as well as a fully adjustable link-type monoshock from Showa. Instead of the normal telescopic front forks used by its predecessor, the front suspension has been strengthened with inverted front forks.

Suzuki has already disclosed the GSX-8S's starting price in Europe, particularly in France. The middleweight naked bike is priced at a reasonable €8,899, which, at the time of writing, works out to about P510,00. The Suzuki V-Strom 800DE's pricing in Italy was recently announced by the Japanese manufacturer to be €11,750, or roughly P672,100. These price points give us a reasonable sense of how much these bikes will retail for on a worldwide scale, though costs may vary across markets. Needless to say, chances are we could soon see the V-Strom 800DE in the Philippine market soon. 

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