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Scooter rider collides with PNP BMW R1200 GS

A free-flowing, wide-open EDSA doesn’t mean less accidents would happen.

BMW collides with Scooter

One of the things we have enjoyed since the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) earlier last month was the ridding of traffic and pollution all over Metro Manila. During those rare occasions that you would have no choice but to head out and drive to restock your food supplies and other essentials, EDSA is clear enough for a breath of fresh air, compared to the days before we were forced to stay home. Last Sunday, at around 6 p.m. a BMW R1200 GS, piloted by a PNP rider, T-boned a Yamaha MIO at the foot of the EDSA-Ortigas flyover. The ECQ could rid us of traffic from EDSA, but no other measure could ever be taken to rid the Philippines of undisciplined drivers, even at times of a global pandemic.

Based on the video that was caught by MMDA’s CCTV cameras, it appears that the rider sporting the Yamaha Mio scooter was supposed to make a left turn on the flyover that heads towards Ortigas Avenue on the way to the Greenhills area. He had this brilliant idea of backing up his scooter right smack in the middle of EDSA, trying to maneuver himself to the foot of the flyover, cross 3-4 lanes of speeding motorists, make it to the turning flyover, and somehow come out unscathed. It was ECQ after all, nobody is supposed to be out. It should all work out – but it didn't.

The rider was T-boned by a BMW R1200 GS which instantly threw him off a couple of meters from his scooter. The driver of the BMW, later on, got up and seemed ok but the rider stayed on the pavement holding his leg in pain. It just so happened that the BMW that hit him was actually registered to a PNP member. Even at times when EDSA is as free-flowing as a bottomless drink, accidents still do happen.

 Earlier this morning, Cabinet Secretary and IATF Spokesperson Karlo Nograles just announced the extension of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) up to April 30 ending his press conference with their usual catchphrase of #BahayMunaBuhayMuna. They strongly urge us to please just stay home, after all, a free-flowing EDSA could even be more dangerous than we know it. 

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