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Royal Enfield report strong export sales despite current circumstances

Royal Enfield’s Twins are the marque’s best selling motorcycles.

Royal Enfield Twins

The recent months have been a tough time for most motorcycles, no thanks to the crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most manufacturers were hit hard after being forced to temporarily shut down their operations, bringing the industry to a halt. While sales have seen a drop everywhere for the month of March, Royal Enfield still seemed to have somehow come out strong despite everything.

Royal Enfield GT Continental

The Indian motorcycle industry was not spared by the crisis. Local manufacturers, including Royal Enfield, have all experienced a dramatic 44% drop in sales for the month of March. Despite this dip in domestic sales, Royal Enfield still saw a 33% increase in overall export sales reporting 3,184 units sold abroad for the month of March 2020, compared to 2,397 units exported for the same period last year.  The majority of the export sales can be attributed to the success of their 650 cc offerings, the GT Continental and the Interceptor

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

With its very attractive price and improved engine, the 650 twins of Royal Enfield saw a 25% increase in sales for the month of March 2020 with 1,664 units exported versus 1,328 of the same period last year. In any case, Royal Enfield managed to sell more than 20,000, or 20,188 units to be exact, of Twins for the first quarter of 2020 compared to 5,186 units for the same three-month period last year. This is a clear indication that the increase in exports is attributed to the strong selling force of the GT Continental and Interceptor 650s. 

Royal Enfield Classic 350
Royal Enfield Himalayan

Meanwhile, for their other models, the Classic 500 reported 541 units exported for the month of March this year compared to 334 units for the same period last year, seeing a 61.98% increase in demand. The Classic 350 saw a growth of 409.86 percent reporting 362 units exported for March this year as compared to 71 units of the same month last year. The Bullet 500 saw a growth of 103.03% after selling 67 units for the month of March as compared to last year’s 33 units. For the Himalayan 400, they witnessed a decline of -7.97% with only 531 units exported for the month of March as compared to last year's 577 units. 

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