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Royal Enfield Philippines pulls the covers off the Hunter 350

The neo-retro roadster starts at just P231,000.

Royal Enfield Philippines pulls the covers off the Hunter 350

Royal Enfield is one of the fastest growing motorcycle brands in the market today. Both locally and internationally, Royal Enfield has established strong dominance in the neo-retro segment, with its models divided into three distinct classifications. At the top of the food chain, the 650 range consists of the Interceptor and Continental GT. Meanwhile, the 411 models are geared towards off-road and adventure riding, and comprise the Himalayan and Scram 411. For the entry-level segment, the 350 bikes—the Meteor and Classic, serve as the perfect entrepot into the classic two-wheeler lifestyle.

Here in the Philippines, Royal Enfield’s presence is the work of Hardcore Brothers Custom Motorcycles Inc., the exclusive distributor of the Indian brand. The Hunter 350, the newest model for the local market from Royal Enfield, was unveiled on February 10, 2023. With a mix of dependability, light and easy handling, fuel efficiency, minimal maintenance costs, and an inexpensive price tag, the neo-retro roadster is ready to get you from point A to B in style. The 349cc air-cooled, fuel-injected, single cylinder engine that powers the Classic and Meteor 350 also powers the Hunter 350.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350
Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Aside from appearance, the wheels are one of the most notable distinctions between the Meteor 350, Classic 350, and the Hunter 350. The tubeless tires of the Hunter 350 are the company's first and are a more traditional 17-inch size. Additionally, the Hunter 350 weighs around 14 kg less. According to initial observations, the Hunter 350 is incredibly light and nimble, making it easy to handle through city traffic while still having enough power for both experienced and inexperienced riders to enjoy. Additionally, the rider maintains an upright seating posture with enough leverage to the bars, and ergonomics are also quite neutral.

Similar to the Meteor and Classic 350 before it, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 boasts a 350cc single-cylinder engine for performance. Except for electronic fuel injection, the engine is built in the traditional Royal Enfield style and without any high-tech or performance elements. Available power outputs are 18.9 ft-lbs of torque at 4,000 rpm and 20 horsepower at 6,100 rpm. Because of this, commuters can anticipate a snappy ride at low rpm that is perfect for traversing the city and passing slower-moving traffic.

The exciting new model from Royal Enfield is offered in 6 elegantly decorated colorways to appeal to a younger demographic. Currently, the Hunter 350 is accessible at all Royal Enfield dealerships in the country. The starting price is P231,000.

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