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Royal Enfield opens its mobile showroom in Thailand.

It’s almost like a food truck, but for motorcycles.

Royal Enfield Mobile Dealership

Royal Enfield has been one of those motorcycle brands that has been surprising everyone with its global success. Its motorcycles have followed a simple formula of classic styling and simplistic motorcycle with amazing value for money makes it attractive to enthusiasts and custom builders. Part of their success can also be attributed to its unique marketing strategies that the company has been employing including highly-organized dealership structures and very attentive and personalized after-sales service support which is evident even here in the Philippines which you would immediately feel once you step into a Royal Enfield showroom.

The momentum generated by their success wouldn’t stop them from thinking of even more unique ways to market their products. In Chiang Rai, Thailand, Royal Enfield opened its first portable dealership. Because of its modular design that can easily be moved from one location to another, it’s practically like a food truck — but instead of Cubano sandwiches, shawarma, or burgers, they sell motorcycles.

Royal Enfield Mobile Showroom

The dealership is made out of shipping containers that can easily be reconfigured in any way or layout they see fit to their liking. It can easily be dismantled to transport the whole showroom with the help of a few trucks and some good old elbow grease, in case they choose to move to a different location with more potential customers. 

Royal Enfield Twins

From efforts such as this, it’s pretty obvious that Royal Enfield is taking the expansion of its global reach and market penetration quite seriously. Thailand is the location of its first assembly plant outside of India while at the same time, together with Malaysia and the Philippines Royal Enfield has been experiencing enjoyed sales growth in these Southeast Asian countries. This growth in sales was affirmed by the strength of the success of their 650 Twins, the Continental GT, and the Interceptor, which has been receiving positive reviews from its customers, thanks to its improved new engine, classic good looks, and simplistic design. 

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