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Royal Enfield expected to launch new scrambler model soon

Yet another addition to Royal Enfield’s already impressive fleet of motorbikes.

Royal Enfield expected to launch new scrambler model soon

Royal Enfield has among the most impressive fleet of retro-styled motorcycles in the industry. What’s even more impressive is the brand’s rise to global stardom. Literally ten years ago, the name Royal Enfield meant nearly nothing to most enthusiasts outside of India. In the span of a decade, the once obscure Chennai-based manufacturer transformed itself into one of the most highly sought-after and instantly recognizable brands in the motorcycle industry.

Royal Enfield’s celebrity status in the motorcycle world is largely due to its tireless efforts in bringing affordable, well-built, classic-style motorcycles into the market. Now, Royal Enfield hasn’t just designed its bikes to look old, sent them off to market, and called it a day. No, Royal Enfield has somehow managed to come up with some of the most soulful machines loaded with tons of character. Perhaps its biggest claim to fame comes from the successful launch and global reception of its 650 Twins consisting of the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. 

Royal Enfield 650 Twins

As it would turn out, Royal Enfield hasn’t rested on its laurels given the success of the two bikes. In fact, the company continues to be hard at work in releasing new models into the market, including the new Meteor 350, as well as a few other motorcycles in the pipeline. Interestingly, Royal Enfield has recently filed a new trademark for the “Scram” name. With speculation rife that the company is working on a scrambler based on the 650 platform, could this very well be the confirmation we have all been waiting for?

Well, if the clamor coming from the multiple Indian automotive publications is anything to go by, then yes, we’re pretty sure we could very soon be seeing a scrambler by the name of “Scram” from Royal Enfield. So, what exactly can we expect from this theoretical Royal Enfield Scram 650? Well for starters, it would definitely slot perfectly in the middle of the 650 range, with the Interceptor being the laid-back standard bike, and the Continental GT the aggressive, low slung cafe racer. The Scram 650 would sit right in the middle as the sporty, go-anywhere machine.

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