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Royal Enfield: Electric motorcycles by 2026

In about four years, RE will field its first electric motorcycle models.

Royal Enfield Photon Custom Electric Motorcycle

What you’re looking at is not the future electric model from Royal Enfield, but a custom created by Electric Classic Cars from the United Kingdom. The concept of a classic electric motorcycle isn’t totally new as some mad geniuses in the aftermarket scene have already taken to the endeavor. 

Now, it appears that Royal Enfield themselves is looking into the EV market, and considering a new line of motorcycles that use battery power instead of petrol power. Knowing that RE’s a brand with classic style at its heart, however, one might furrow a brow at the concept. Rest assured, even with the futuristic powertrain, Royal Enfield promises to keep its classic look and simply pair it with modern technologies in order to join the rest of the industry in going totally emissions-free. 

We have yet to see a totally in-house electric motorcycle from Royal Enfield, but we might see one in the coming years. Bike Dekho published a story stating that the brand has plans to introduce a whole lineup of electric models by the year 2026, which is less than four years from now. 

The brand stated that it is in no rush to bring out these new models, citing that quality, performance, and brand experience are factors that will not be skipped or glossed over. With this, we certainly hope that Royal Enfield can deliver on a great product, given that the quality of a Royal Enfield motorcycle like the Interceptor 650, is among the best in its segment. 

Royal Enfield Photon Custom Electric Motorcycle

No details have been shared as to what kind of bikes are in the pipeline, but initial rumors are suggesting that the first electric motorcycles from the Royal Enfield brand will have a comparable power output to that of 250 to 300cc gasoline-powered motorcycles. Given the current state-of-the-art technologies the motorcycle industry has to work with, it’s unlikely that a long-distance Himalayan-like model will be introduced. Also, a high-performance bike looks to be out of the question for now. 

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