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PNP-HPG conducts operation to crackdown illegal blinkers and sirens

Remember folks, sirens and blinkers on a private motorcycle are illegal.

PNP-HPG conducts operation to crackdown illegal blinkers and sirens

t’s an all too common sight. You’re riding along, just minding your own business, when suddenly a motorcycle with a siren and blue and red blinkers suddenly buzzes you as it speeds through traffic. By the looks of it, the motorcycle doesn’t seem to be any of the police-issued units, but rather, a civilian motorcycle outfitted with aftermarket blinkers and a police siren. 

In cases like these, it is in fact possible that whoever was piloting that vehicle isn’t even a police officer, and that there wasn’t even a valid emergency situation to warrant the use of blinkers and sirens. Perhaps, whoever was commandeering that motorcycle was simply power tripping, trying to flex their non-existent status by muscling their way past other motorists. Of course, the unauthorized use of blinkers and sirens has been illegal for a long time now. However, the enforcement of this law is oftentimes met with a blind eye. 

PNP-HPG Motorcycle Fleet

At last, it would appear that this is about to change, as the Philippine National Police - Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) recently conducted an operation specifically to crack down on motorists using blinkers and sirens on private vehicles. The operation was carried out on Katipunan Avenue, a busy thoroughfare in Quezon City. Apprehensions of both cars and motorcycles donning illegal blinkers and sirens were made, and these accessories were dismantled and confiscated on site. Subsequently erring motorists were also ticketed for their violations. 

The operation conducted by the PNP-HPG could be a sign that the cops are beginning to take notice of violations that have been ignored for the longest time. That said, we can expect the PNP-HPG to carry out similar operations geared towards the apprehension of different types of violations across multiple thoroughfares within the metro in the near future. 

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