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Photos of a Kawasaki-Bimota bike emerge online.

A Kawasaki-powered Bimota ‘KB4’ retro-racer is in the works.

Bimota KB4

Bimota Motorcycles is an Italian company that initially specialized in customization of production bikes and eventually ventured into creating models of their own. Founded by Valerio Bianchi, Giuseppe Morri, and Massimo Tamburini, the Bimota brand was derived from the first two letters of their last names in Rimini Italy. Unfortunately, the company suffered financially after a failed World Superbike team sponsorship went sour eventually led to the company’s bankruptcy in the early 2000s. Fast forward to the present day, Kawasaki Heavy Industries acquired a 49% stake in the company breathing in new life to the once-troubled company, and now they have kickstarted their production of newer machines based on Kawasaki bikes. 

Bimota KB4

Recently, the photo renderings have surfaced of what looks to be their latest model to be released since Kawasaki’s acquisition of Bimota. By no means, it did not disappoint. The final result is a stunning retro racer, dubbed the KB4, that seems ready to tear up the track. It clearly harks back to the racing machines of decades past, much like what MV Agusta’s Superveloce did, but with the reliability of today’s components and technology from Kawasaki. Clearly based around the Z1000R (and Ninja Z1000) engine, the KB4 would be capable of churning out 140 hp and 108 Nm of peak torque from a smooth inline 4-cylinder engine. We can expect its suspension system to be installed with top-spec Ohlins components and Brembo braking systems on call for stopping duties. 

Clearly, if these photos would be true to their concept, then we’re looking forward to a really exciting and bright future for the newly revived Bimota motorcycle brand. Bimota was known to have fitted some of its products with unique and complex hub-center suspension and steering systems that were just too costly for a more feasible development and production. However, these complex and expensive systems still managed to reduce nose-diving when braking making a more stable motorcycle, especially when attacking corners. However, with Kawasaki’s backing, we could be seeing more radical machines from the Bimota brand in the future. 

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