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Parts shortages in Japan have resulted in delays of the new Kawasaki Z900RS SE

The economic ramifications of the global pandemic continue to rear their ugly heads.

Kawasaki Z900RS SE

We recently talked about Kawasaki’s newest special edition model, the retro-style Z900RS SE. This bike is a limited edition version of Kawasaki’s extremely popular retro-style bike, the Z900RS. While Kawasaki Philippines has yet to announce the launch of this bike in the local market, we’re certain that folks around Japan and Europe are already eager to get their hands on this machine. 

Unfortunately, however, Kawasaki has announced that there are currently delays facing the production of the Z900RS SE due to parts shortages brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. This was announced by Kawasaki Japan on September 17, 2021. The Z900RS SE was initially slated for launch towards the tail-end of 2021. However, it seems that this bike will not be rolling off showroom floors anytime soon. At present, Kawasaki cannot commit on an exact date, however, it states that the bike is expected to resume production by Spring of 2022—so that’s somewhere between March and June. 

Kawasaki Z900RS SE

At this point, it’s important to note that Kawasaki isn’t reporting any delays on any other models other than the Z900RS SE. However, given the current struggles faced by the automotive and motorcycle industries due to the shortage of parts and equipment—particularly microchips and semiconductors, don’t be surprised if delays to other models will come to surface soon, as well. This is largely due to the just-in-time manufacturing process employed by many companies, wherein parts are not kept in inventory, but rather delivered just in time for production. Naturally, even the smallest missing piece of the puzzle causes a vehicle not to finish production. 

The Kawasaki Z900RS SE, just like the base model Z900RS, is a retro-style naked bike that packs quite a punch. Its 948cc in-line four-cylinder engine produces a healthy 109 horsepower, making it a very powerful retro-style machine. The Z900RS SE stands out from the standard model thanks to its yellow and black color scheme referred to as “Yellow Ball.” The limited-edition colorway is a nod to the classic two-tone candy paint of the first generation Kawasaki Z1 from 1972. 

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