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NEXX helmets debut new lids for 2021 on its worldwide website

Can we expect a carbon fiber X.Wed2 ADV helmet?

NEXX X.Wed 2 Vaal Carbon

NEXX is a European company that produces all of its helmets in Portugal. Distributed and marketed by Ride Manila, NEXX is one of the more premium brands on offer with helmets that cater to every style of riding be it on an adventure tourer like the BMW R1250 GS Adventure, or urban scoots like the Vespa GTS Super Sport

NEXX X.Wed 2 Vaal Carbon ADV helmet side
NEXX X.Wed 2 Vaal Carbon ADV Helmet front

New for 2021, and according to the company’s global website, there are a few new additions to the lineup when compared against the North American offerings. The first is a Carbon fiber version of the brand’s Adventure helmet, the X.Wed2. The model is currently on offer in the Philippines for P27,950 though with the brand’s proprietary fiberglass composite shell. The current lid features a NEXX’s X-Matrix 2 shell that comes in 3 sizes. However, this new version will be called the X.wed2 Vaal Carbon, and it will come with the brand’s X-PRO carbon fiber shell and will only weigh 1460 grams, which is 315 grams lighter than the model with the X-Matrix 2 shell. Other features in this helmet include a drop-down sun visor, exterior reflectivity for extra visibility, a chin curtain, Bluetooth comms compatibility, and the X.MART DRY interior along with removable action cam mounts. 

NEXX X.VILBY open face helmet front quarter
NEXX X.VILBY open face helmet side

There are other additions to the lineup for the global site as well. These include The X.VILBY, which is a dual-visor urban helmet that would appeal to most scooter riders, and other in-city bikes. A jet helmet with a fiberglass composite shell called X-Matrix 2, the brand touts that it also offers improved visibility and also rubber seals to block out noise. You also get provisions for action camera brackets on the top and the side of this helmet which are also included in the box when you do make that purchase. 

As to the availability of these new helmets, no word has yet been released by Ride Manila as to when these helmets will make landfall in the Philippines. For premium kit, we expect that the prices will be up there when taking into account the production origin and the quality and tech that you get in the name of safety.

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